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The “Farrior Barrier” and Other Signs of Stupidity

October 23, 2011 by Palmer Sucks

The �Farrior Barrier� and Other Signs of Stupidity

The �Farrior Barrier� and Other Signs of Stupidity

Random Rants by PalmerSucks

October 21, 2011


So there I was Sunday, having a good time watching the game, hoisting my jumbo stein of Oktoberfest (shout out, Mongo!) when I see it � and there goes the whole afternoon.


The �it� I�m referring to is a sign hung up at Heinz, which the camera caught during the slopfest vs. the Jags. A huge banner, reading three incredible words: �The Farrior Barrier.�


�The Farrior Barrier� � are you KIDDING me?


Yes, while the rest of us were busy cringing weekly at the sight of Farrior whiffing on tackles and running three yards behind TEs in coverage, some GENIUS was thinking enough of his play to create a TEN-FOOT-HIGH BANNER celebrating it. Amazing, huh?


Welcome to the America of today � where you can flat-out suck, and they�ll give you a big contract and a banner in your honor! U-S-A! U-S-A!


The only thing Farrior�s a �barrier� to is WINNING. So unless that�s what you mean with the sign, person who put this up � you might want to consider reflecting reality for a change.


What we need are TRUE and ACCURATE banners, such as �Foote Odor� or �The Farrior Failure.� Now that would be something to see. And speaking of banners � where�s my �Wheelchair Curtain� sign, somebody out there with artistic talent?


Anyway, just call it the week of stupidity, and let�s count the ways:


--STUPID is running on the right side so often now that other teams expect it, and adjust to it like the Jags did Sunday by overloading left -- but you STILL continue to run right.


--STUPID is not giving Mendenhall a breather after he looked so gassed. STUPID is not maintaining a steady rotation working in Redman and Dwyer.


--STUPID is saying as Bruce Arians did that the no-huddle �wasn't really necessary� Sunday even after his offense slowed like a crippled turtle.�I didn't believe it was time to speed the game up,� said Bruce. �We just needed to make more first downs.� Really? Duh.


--STUPID is calling for an all-out punt block when your defense, unlike your offense, has been pretty much holding its own all day.


--STUPID is the ESPN poll that named Jonathan Scott the Stillers �most disappointing offensive player� � considering that to be disappointing, there has to be some expectation of performance to begin with.


--STUPID is keeping Scott and releasing Starks in the first place, no matter what he weighed coming into camp.


--STUPID is not giving the game ball to the other coach for being 1-4, on the road and desperately needing a win to save his job � and kicking a field goal down SEVEN with just minutes left in the game.


Of course, the stupidity wasn�t just confined to the Stillers this week:


--STUPID is the Raiders taking Carson Palmer off the Bengals� hands. All they did was give up a first and second round draft pick (which possibly could turn into another first) for a washed-up quitter with a throat as tight as a Scotsman�s wallet. With one brilliant stroke, the Rai-duhs mortgaged the future for the Southern Cal Choker, Carson Palmer. Way to go!


--STUPID is anyone who thought Cincy would be sunk without the Southern Cal Choker, Carson Palmer. NBC�s �NFL Turning Point� did a segment on the Bengals �surprising start� with a rookie QB replacing the almighty Palmer. Exactly who is �surprised� besides the dumb Palmer-hyping sports media?


--STUPID is Cowboys head coach Jason Garret proclaiming �I trust in Tony Romo.� I trust in Tony Romo, too � to choke away any game that�s close in the 4th quarter.


--STUPID is running the ball three straight times, punting and giving the ball back to Tom Brady with the game on the line. But maybe that�s what you do when your QB is Tony Choke-o.


Anyway, enough stupidity for one week. Enjoy the game Sunday.


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