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Power Rankings (week 12)

November 23, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers10-0Rodgers is on pace to break Brady's single season TD pass record.
2.2.San Francisco 49ers9-1Travelling cross country on a short work week for the Harbaugh bowl will be a tough task.
3.3.New Orleans Saints7-3Can't afford a letdown coming off a longer than usual bye on MNF at home against the desperate Giants.
4.4.Baltimore Ravens7-3Veteran John may not be able to live down losing to rookie Jim at home despite the records.
5.5.Pittsburgh Steelers7-3How did the matchup with the Chiefs not get flexed out of prime time on Sunday night?
6.6.New England Patriots7-3Defense will face a tougher test by default whether Vick or VY plays after getting what was basically a second bye against Palko.
7.9.Chicago Bears7-3Defense and running game will have to step up even more after Cutler was lost to surgery on a broken thumb. Claiming Orton if the Chiefs pass couldn't hurt.
8.8.Houston Texans7-3Running game and defense means all Leinart needs to do is limit mistakes. At least in the regular season.
9.10.Atlanta Falcons6-4Gonzalez became only the 13th player in league history to top 13,000 yards receiving.
10.11.Detriot Lions7-3Smith was a breath of fresh air for the previously dormant running game.
11.13.Dallas Cowboys6-4Needed a Gano miss in OT from 52 yards to give them a short field and subsequent victory. Ryan's sigh of relief was telling.
12.14.Oakland Raiders6-4Lead the AFC with 4 road wins.
13.7.New York Giants6-4Commanding division lead has evaporated.
14.12.Cincinnati Bengals6-4Hung tough with the Steelers and Ravens despite coming up short. I'd say they're a year away, but you never know with this franchise. Under Brown things have tended to go south in a hurry when the future looked the brightest.
15.18.Denver Broncos5-5Tebow! Gained 95 yards on the final drive in the final 5 minutes after gaining a grand total of 134 yards in the first 55 minutes.
16.19.Philadelphia Eagles4-6Still have a pulse. Barely.
17.15.New York Jets5-5Dirty Sanchez's third pick 6 of the season, the first of a pair of turnovers in 10 seconds of the third quarter, kept the Broncos in the game and allowed Tebow to again work his last minute magic.
18.16.Tennessee Titans5-5Hasselbeck had no structural damage to his elbow. Why not turn to Locker anyway?
19.25.Miami Dolphins3-7Played their way out of the suck for Luck sweepstakes. Might be playing their way out of the Barkley, Jones and Griffin III sweepstakes.
20.17.Buffalo Bills5-5Maybe giving Fitzgerald an extension wasn't such a great idea.
21.20.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-6Not really surprising they're taking a step backwards after last season's shocking 7 game improvement over 2009.
22.27.Seattle Seahawks4-6Have a good chance to win 3 in a row for the first time in the Carroll era with the Redskins coming to town. Jinx.
23.21.Kansas City Chiefs4-6Could claim Orton as Palko�s replacement.
24.22.San Diego Chargers4-6Lost 5 straight and in last place. Turner's job is reportedly finally in jeopardy. He shouldn't have survived last season's debacle.
25.31.Cleveland Browns4-6Impressive, late defensive stop at the 3 as time expired got them another unspectacular win.
26.26.Arizona Cardinals3-7Skelton came crashing back to earth in San Francisco.
27.23.Jacksonville Jaguars3-7Del Rio's fate was sealed when Garrard was released a few days before the opener.
28.24.Minnesota Vikings2-8Expected to be without Purple Jesus for at least a game due to a high ankle sprain. Why rush him back in what is a lost season?
29.28.St. Louis Rams2-8Decimated by injuries.
30.29.Carolina Panthers2-8Couldn't sustain a hot start in Detroit. Newton throwing 4 picks obviously didn't help.
31.30.Washington Redskins3-7Losing streak at 6 games and counting.
32.32.Indianapolis Colts0-10Orlovsky, also a member of the 2008 Lions, has a chance to go winless twice in his career.

*Last week's ranking
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