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"Best" Bet (plus two)

October 17, 2012 by Steel Haven

Well, I managed to jinx the Patriots and Bengals. Unfortunately the Ravens have a bad habit of winning while not covering. Never underestimate the power of Jason Garrett and Tony Romo to grossly mishandle the hurry up offense. The Ravens win was costly with season ending injuries to Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb. I don't want to take credit for injuries. Bad karma.

Let's throw some crap against the wall and see what sticks. Come to think of it maybe I would do better getting a monkey to fling feces at team logos, picking whichever is hit first. Does anyone know where I can get a chimpanzee?

All spreads from Doc's Sports Service. Check them out for serious analysis you can actually use.

home team in bold

Best Bet

New Orleans Saints (-3.0) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Who Dat?


Dallas Cowboys (-2.0) over Carolina Panthers

America's team!

Oakland Raiders (-4.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars

Commitment to excellence. Just win Baby!

Last Week

New England Patriots (-3.5) over Seattle Seahawks LOSS

Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) over Dallas Cowboys LOSS

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.0) over Cleveland Browns LOSS

Year to Date: 4-14  Best Bets: 0-6

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