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Best Bet (plus three)

September 04, 2013 by Steel Haven

The NFL season is back. Life is good. Last year I could never climb out of the 0-6 best bet, 6-15 overall hole I dug myself at the start of the season. Sadly my best bet total was better than in 2011 when I went 5-11-1, although I was over .500 in all my bets two years ago. Once again I redeemed myself in the playoffs.

The first week is tough. This year I am going to start by betting against the teams I think are going to by abysmal. Favorites all around for my best bet and regular selections. I'm throwing in the Thursday night opener as a special extra fourth pick. I'm not confident about the Ravens, but they did perform in the Super Bowl as I expected.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.0) over New York Jets

Jets are starting rookie Geno Smith by default despite his subpar preseason. Brady Quinn was signed as a backup with Dirty Sanchez injured. Talk about a recipe for disaster.


Indianapolis Colts (-9.5) over Oakland Raiders

Raiders are paying for Al Davis and Hugh Jackson's total disregard for the cap. They are quite simply the least talented team in the league.

Houston Texans (-4.0) over San Diego Chargers

Chargers poor offensive line and defensive backfield appear to play right into the hands of the Texans.

Thursday Night Special

Baltimore Ravens (+7.5) over Denver Broncos

Last year was the first time the Super Bowl winner lost the Thursday night opener with the Giants falling to the Cowboys. Of course this is the first time the Super Bowl winner had to open on the road on Thursday night thanks to a scheduling conflict with the Orioles. The Broncos are the popular favorite to be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. I honestly expect them to win this game. Being over a touchdown favorite just seems too much despite the amount of talent the Ravens lost to retirement, free agency and cap concerns.

Super Bowl

Baltimore Ravens (+3.5) over San Francisco 49ers WIN

Last Year: 24-27  Best Bets: 7-10  Playoffs: 7-3-1

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