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Best Bet (plus two)

September 21, 2016 by Steel Haven

Life is crap. Black Jack Del Rio gambled on a fourth and 1 near mid-field down by 7 with nearly 10 minutes remaining. Didn't work unlike the previous week when his 2 point conversion to take the lead was successful. Falcons subsequently scored to put the game away. Live by the sword die by the sword. Felt good about Detroit up 12 entering the fourth quarter, the Titans doing nothing on offense. Then the Lions fell asleep. Wimoweh. Only Trevor Siemian saved me.

All favorites again, that's 9 straight to begin the season. Unlike the first two weeks when I had trouble finding three games to pick, this week I actually had trouble sifting through what appeared to be too many good options. Also strongly considered the Dolphins (-9.5) hosting the Browns, the Giants (-4.5) hosting the Redskins and in the only game where I wouldn't have been mostly picking against a team instead of for a team the Jags (PK) hosting the Ravens.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5) over Los Angeles Rams

Let's just say I haven't embraced the Rams despite their home win against the struggling Seahawks and their pathetic offensive line. A trip to the east coast to play a 1 pm game is never easy. The Bucs will be playing their home opener against a team that still has not scored a touchdown this season.


Arizona Cardinals (-4.5) over Buffalo Bills

Logic about difficulty going east to play a 1 pm game immediately ignored after being brought up as a reason for picking against LA. Firing the offensive coordinator solves nothing for the Bills. They are a dumpster fire.

Dallas Cowboys (-7) over Chicago Bears

Injury riddled Bears go on the road on a short work which is never easy even in the best of times. Prospect of Brian Hoyer perhaps having to replace Jay Cutler because of a sprained thumb doesn't really affect the pick. Bears can lose just as easily with Cutler. This line opened at under a touchdown. If that hadn't changed this would have been my best bet.

Last Week

Oakland Raiders (-5) over Atlanta Falcons LOSS

Denver Broncos (-6) over Indianapolis Colts WIN

Detriot Lions (-5.5) over Tennessee Titans LOSS

Best Bets: 1-1, Overall: 2-4

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