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2017 NFL Draft Day 1 Review

April 27, 2017 by Steel Haven

Round 1

1. Cleveland Browns

OLB/DE Myles Garrett - Texas A&M

Watching ESPN. Kiper just gave an impassioned speech for Garrett as the best player in draft. John Gruden wants Jamal Adams, questions Garrett's effort. Gruden is insane. Garrett is the pick. Browns not doing something crazy a bad sign for the rest of the AFC North. Gruden is likely to make ESPN coverage unwatchable.
  • Needs: QB, S, CB, O/ILB, DE, RT
  • My Projection: OLB/DE Myles Garrett - Texas A&M

2. Chicago Bears (from San Francisco)

QB Mitch Trubisky - North Carolina

Things just got interesting - Trey Wingo

Damn. Bears traded 3rd and 4th round picks this year and a 3rd round pick next year to make sure no one beat them to Trubisky. Mike Glennon will be a single season (or less) bridge. Rumors actually had them more interested in Watson, so kudos to GM Ryan Pace and John Fox for fooling everyone.
  • Needs: OT, CB, S, DE, OLB, WR
  • My Projection: DE/OLB Solomon Thomas - Stanford (at 3)

3. San Francisco 49ers (from Chicago)

DE/OLB Solomon Thomas - Stanford

Get their man and three extra picks. A coup for GM John Lynch if they solve their QB problems in the next couple of years. Obviously were not sold on Trubisky. Kyle Shanahan likely to target Kirk Cousins next off season.
  • Needs: QB, DE/OLB, RT/G, S, CB, WR
  • My Projection: S Jamal Adams - LSU (at 2)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

RB Leonard Fournette - LSU

A poorly kept secret.
  • Needs: TE, T/G, DE/OLB, RB, DT, QB
  • My Projection: RB Leonard Fournette - LSU

5. Tennessee Titans (from LA Rams)

WR Corey Davis - Western Michigan

Holy crap. Reach based purely on need. Second MAC receiver after Randy Moss to ever be picked in the first round. Could not run a post season 40 due to injury. Could have easily addressed the receiver position with the 18th pick (or later). Passing on highly rated defensive backs to fill their second biggest need at this spot makes no sense.
  • Needs: WR, CB, S, ILB, DE, T/G
  • My Projection: CB Marshon Lattimore - Ohio St

6. New York Jets

S Jamal Adams - LSU

Best player available. Basically every position is a position of need. Son joins father George being taken in the first round by a NY (OK Jersey) team. His dad was taken in the first round back in '85 by the Giants.
  • Needs: QB, OL, CB, O/ILB, S, TE/WR
  • My Projection: QB Mitch Trubisky - North Carolina

7. Los Angeles Chargers

WR Mike Williams - Clemson

A weapon for Philip Rivers instead of his possible replacement. Shocked that two receivers are off the board at this point. I guess a lack of depth at the position has teams paranoid. No receiver should have been a top 15 pick. Passing on more talented defenders a mistake.
  • Needs: WR, DE/OLB, T/G, S, CB, QB
  • My Projection: S Malik Hooker - Ohio St

8. Carolina Panthers

RB Christian McCaffrey - Stanford

The run on offensive skill position talent continues. Multi-dimensional difference maker that can change the offensive dynamic if utilized correctly. Loss of return man Ted Ginn in free agency another reason to be excited by the pick.
  • Needs: OT, DE, RB, CB, WR/TE, DT
  • My Projection: RB Christian McCaffrey - Stanford

9. Cincinnati Bengals

WR John Ross - Washington

This is getting ridiculous. Borderline first rounder goes in the top 10. Clearly has the speed to take the top off a defense. Lacks other dimensions. Thin build and past injury problems a major concern.
  • Needs: OL, DE, WR, LB, DT, S
  • My Projection: DT/DE Jonathan Allen - Alabama

10. Kansas City Chiefs (from Buffalo)

QB Patrick Mahomes - Texas Tech

The very definition of the term gunslinger. The anti-Alex Smith. Traded the 27th pick, a third rounder and next year's first rounder to make this move.
  • Needs: CB, S, I/OLB, RB, DE, QB
  • My Projection: CB Marlon Humphrey - Alabama (at 27)

11. New Orleans Saints

Take advantage of 7 of the first 10 picks being on the offensive side of the ball. Stand pat and fill their biggest need with the best player at the position in the draft. Likely dropped due to past hamstring injuries.

CB Marshon Lattimore - Ohio St
  • Needs: CB, LB, DE, WR/TE, G/T, QB
  • My Projection: DE/OLB Derek Barnett - Tennessee

12. Houston Texans (from Philadelphia through Cleveland)

QB Deshaun Watson - Clemson

Had Watson in this slot, didn't think the Browns would be making the pick. Traded the 25th selection and next year's first rounder to move up for Watson. Already moved last year's second rounder to the Browns to get rid of Brock Osweiler. Need to hit on Watson desperately. Otherwise would have wasted a ton of resources on the QB position in the last couple of years.
  • Needs: QB, RT/G, I/OLB, S, CB, DL
  • My Projection: OT/G Cam Robinson - Alabama (at 25)

13. Arizona Cardinals

I/OLB Haason Reddick - Temple

Top 3 QBs gone. Reddick is a fine fallback option.
  • Needs: QB, CB/S, ILB, G/T, DE, WR/TE
  • My Projection: QB Patrick Mahomes - Texas Tech

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota)

DE Derek Barnett - Tennessee

Can't argue, solid value pick on ultra-productive pass rusher.
  • Needs: CB, RB, DE, OT, OLB, G/C
  • My Projection: DE Charles Harris - Missouri

15. Indianapolis Colts

S Malik Hooker - Ohio St

Gruden shocked Hooker went this early. Calls this a need pick. My ears are bleeding. Gruden is so clueless. Penguins up by a goal with under 5 minutes remaining. I will be paying a little less attention to the next couple of picks.
  • Needs: OT, ILB, OG, RB, CB, OLB
  • My Projection: I/OLB Haason Reddick - Temple

16. Baltimore Ravens

CB Marlon Humphrey - Alabama

Not the Alabama player I was expecting, not that there is anything wrong with Humphrey. Surprised that Jonathan Allen, OJ Howard and to a lesser extent because of off the field issues Rueben Foster will be picked after Humphrey.
  • Needs: OLB, OT, G/C, WR, DT/DE, CB
  • My Projection: WR Mike Williams - Clemson

17. Washington Redskins

DE Jonathan Allen - Alabama

Perfect scheme fit. Incredible value. Not having a GM has no negative affect. Can only speculate that concerns over arthritic shoulders caused Allen to slide. More importantly Pens survive despite late flurry by Caps as Fluery continued to shine. I breathe a sigh of relief. To hell with Washington sports fans.
  • Needs: DE, ILB, G/C, CB/S, QB, RB
  • My Projection: ILB Rueben Foster - Alabama

18. Tennessee Titans

CB/WR Adoree' Jackson - USC

Thought they should have addressed corner at 5 and then taken a receiver here. The fact that the top 3 wideouts are gone proves me wrong. Jackson is an ultra-athletic weapon. A top returner that could even get a few reps on offense. Somewhat raw, inexperienced on defense. Diminutive size could be an issue.
  • My Projection: WR Corey Davis - Western Michigan

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TE OJ Howard - Alabama

Shouldn't have still been on the board. My favorite pick of the draft so far.
  • Needs: S, OT, RB, TE, DE, CB
  • My Projection: TE David Njoku - Miami FL

20. Denver Broncos

OT Garrett Bolles - Utah

My mock had the right position, wrong player. Difference in value among top tackle prospects minimal so I have no issue with this pick. Age the biggest concern.
  • Needs: OT, DE, ILB, NT, WR/TE, OLB
  • My Projection: OT Ryan Ramczyk - Wisconsin

21. Detroit Lions

O/MLB Jarrad Davis - Florida

Athletic, instinctive, high character leader. Immediate starter. Rueben Foster's off the field issues have obviously scared off teams.
  • Needs: OLB, DE, WR/TE, DT, CB, RB
  • My Projection: OLB/DE TJ Watt - Wisconsin

22. Miami Dolphins

DE Charles Harris - Missouri

Nothing to complain about here. Fill biggest need with arguably the best player available.
  • Needs: DE, OG, OLB, CB, DT, S
  • My Projection: OG Forrest Lamp - Western Kentucky

23. New York Giants

TE Evan Engram - Mississippi

Surprised Engram was picked over David Njoku or a tackle. Engram is a weapon, not a tight end. The same could probably be said of Njoku currently, but he has the frame to eventually provide more versatility.
  • Needs: OT, TE, LB, RB, QB, DT
  • My Projection: OT Garrett Bolles - Utah

24. Oakland Raiders

CB Garreon Conley - Ohio St

A gamble for the team moving to Vegas. Only takes one team to keep a player on there draft board for them to get drafted. Somewhat surprised albeit not shocked someone took this chance on the first day. Still can't get over La'el Collins not getting drafted despite not even being a suspect in a case involving the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Not yet having a home works in the favor of the Raiders in this case. Tremendous on the field value if Conley is not charged with a crime.
  • Needs: ILB, DT, OLB/DE, CB, WR, S
  • My Projection: ILB Jarrad Davis - Florida

25. Cleveland Browns (from Houston)

S/LB Jabrill Peppers - Michigan

A Swiss Army knife. Extreme versatility fits into analytic emphasis of front office. Peppers might have been better off in a more stable environment with better coaching. If nothing else will be an interesting player to follow.
  • My Projection: QB Deshaun Watson - Clemson (at 12)

26. Atlanta Falcons (from Seattle)

DE/OLB Takkarist McKinley - UCLA

Dan Quinn moves up at the cost of a third and seventh rounder for the top remaining available pass rusher.
  • Needs: DE, OG, TE, NT/DT, S/CB, OLB
  • My Projection: DE Taco Charlton - Michigan (at 31)

27. Buffalo Bills (from KC)

CB Tre'Davious White - LSU

Value meets need. Trade down works out well for the present and future.
  • Needs: CB, WR/TE, OT, LB, S, QB
  • My Projection: TE OJ Howard - Alabama (at 10)

28. Dallas Cowboys

DE Taco Charlton - Michigan

Desperate for a pass rusher, got a pass rusher. Perfect scheme fit. Interesting, Falcons trade flipped McKinley and Charlton from my mock.
  • Needs: DE, DT, CB, S, WR, TE
  • My Projection: DE/OLB Takkarist McKinley - UCLA

29. Cleveland Browns (from Green Bay)

TE David Njoku - Miami FL

The Packers bail out of the first round. Will not have to guarantee four years to the first pick of the second round. Thought this was going to be a QB. Njoku could have been heavily considered by the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger was campaigning for more weapons and can't be happy.
  • My Projection: RB Dalvin Cook - Florida St (to Packers)

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

O/ILB TJ Watt - Wisconsin

Tremendous athlete. Good value. Had him going 21st in my final mock. An ascending player with limited experience on defense. Versatile with the ability to rush off the edge and the skill set to contribute inside. Bloodlines obviously unquestioned. Barring unforeseen circumstances TJ will face JJ this season on Christmas.
  • Needs: OLB, S, CB, ILB, WR/TE, RB
  • My Projection: S/OLB/RB Jabrill Peppers - Michigan

31. San Francisco 49ers (from Seattle)

ILB Rueben Foster - Alabama

A trade that seems to help both teams. The Seahawks move down twice to get out of the first round as the offensive lineman fall. Prudent moves with Ryan Ramczyk, Cam Robinson and Forrest Lamp all still available (edit: Ramczyk was last pick of first round, but point stands). Foster should be an immediate starter for a team that needs talent everywhere. Neophyte GM John Lynch has done an incredible job.
  • My Projection: CB Kevin King - Washington (to Seahawks at 26)

32. New Orleans Saints (from New England)

OT Ryan Ramczyk - Wisoconsin

Not the most exciting way to end a wild and wholly first day. Solid value.
  • My Projection: CB/WR Adoree' Jackson - USC
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