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Review of Potential OSU Draftees

January 09, 2001 by Steel Hammer

Potential Ohio St

Potential Ohio St. Draft Picks

Here's a look at potential draft picks from Ohio State.

Four WR's will leave OSU this year. The Steelers shouldn't draft a Buckeye WR this year because they are all either over-rated, are bad character guys, or don't have the speed we need.

Ken-Yon Rambo #4 6' 190, speed estimates vary from 4.3 to 4.5. He isn't a 4.3 player though, I'd say 4.45. He always gets caught from behind. He's projected as a 1st rounder, but I think he'll slip to the 2nd. He can make all the catches. Other than total lack of heart and getting caught from behind, the only other on field problem is his blocking. Surprisingly, he's willing to block, but lacks the upper body strength and frequently gets pushed back into his teammates. While he is the "real thing" - potentially a franchise WR, he's also a total PUNK. He was busted with pot his freshman year. He also had a broken hand for the bowl game, how he broke it is a big question. He has divided the team, is a me first player, and some say a racist. Bad Character guy. I wouldn't touch him.

Reggie Germany #80, 6'3" 205. Probably 4.5 speed. Hands of stone. Drops the easy ones. Also has character concerns. Was suspended for the bowl game since had a 0.0 GPA because he never went to class. Been projected as a 1st round pick, I think he'll slip to the 2nd, but I wouldn't take him any time on the first day. He's nothing Malcom Johnson wasn't.

Bad character guys like Rambo & Germany are what's currently wrong with OSU. Neither is what the Steelers need.

Vanness Provit #83 6'3" 205 probably 4.5 or 4.6 speed. Didn't get much playing time until the bowl game then dropped everything, so hands are a big question. If you are thinking about Germany, draft Provitt in round 7 and get the same thing (not much) for less. Provitt probably won't get drafted. Doesn't have any character problems I know of, but again isn't fast so not what the Steelers need.

Chad Chaccio #13 listed at 6' but looks 5"10, 190 probably a 4.5 guy but looks like he runs a 5.8. Total heart and good character guy. Was the slot WR for Bucks and made some huge plays this year. Often got wide open deep (maybe because DBs were more concerned with Rambo & Germany). Sneaky speed, awesome hands. Had a high ankle sprain and missed some games, but seems OK now. Tim Dwight like, but not nearly as fast. Probably won't be drafted, but would be a good UFA. Doesn't have the speed the Steelers need though.

OSU also has 2 good CBs that will come out this year, a fast RB, maybe a bulldozing FB, perhaps the 2nd best center in the Big Ten, possibly two DT's that would make good depth, and 2 DE that don't fit the Steelers scheme. I'll address these players at a later date.

Steel Hammer

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