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NFL Draft First Day Review

May 08, 2014 by Steel Haven

  1. Houston Texans

    OLB Jadeveon Clowney - South Carolina

    No surprise to start. Roger Goodell gets booed. No trade, the Texans were reportedly asking for the moon and the stars. The best player goes first. Clowney and JJ Watt should be incredible together as long as Romeo Crennel doesn't screw them up. I don't expect things to hold to form much longer. This draft is deep. I expect many curveballs. Many trades thanks to the rookie salary cap with teams targeting their favorites. This should be an interesting bourbon filled evening. Just as an aside I have finally given up on ESPN coverage of the draft for the NFL Network. God help me I like Mel Kiper and can still stomach Chris Berman (pun intended), but one minute was enough of Ray Lewis. Just awful.
    • Needs: QB, OLB, RT/G, NT, CB, ILB
    • My Prediction: OLB/DE Jadeveon Clowney - South Carolina
  2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)

    OT Greg Robinson - Auburn

    The last pick from the RGIII bounty. I'm torn on Robinson versus Matthews. Raw physicality and power versus polish and performance. Robinson likely to start inside in 2014 if Jake Long returns from ACL surgery to begin the season. Getting time to develop before being thrust into the role of franchise left tackle should help him.
    • Needs: OT, FS, CB, G/C, WR, QB
    • My Prediction: OT Greg Robinson - Auburn
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars

    QB Blake Bortles - Central Florida

    The shit has hit the fan. This seems like a horrible spot for Bortles. Bad team with no offensive weapons. Can they really afford to sit the third pick for a year? If not Bortles could be ruined ala David Carr before he has a chance.
    • Needs: QB, C, WR, OLB, RT/G, RB
    • My Prediction: OLB Khalil Mack - Buffalo
  4. Buffalo Bills (from Cleveland)

    WR Sammy Watkins - Clemson

    Shit continues to fly. Right slot, wrong team for my prediction. Bills were reportedly desperate to move up for Watkins. Giving up the 9th pick and a first and fourth rounder next season is a steep price.
    • Needs: FS, DE, OT, TE, WR, OLB
    • My Prediction: OT Taylor Lewan - Michigan at 9
  5. Oakland Raiders

    OLB Khalil Mack - Buffalo

    Best player available. Raiders do the smart thing. Hell freezes over.
    • Needs: QB, DT, M/OLB, TE, G/RT, WR
    • My Prediction: WR Mike Evans - Texas A & M
  6. Atlanta Falcons

    OT Jake Matthews - Texas A&M

    Might have hoped Mack would fall one more spot, but Matthews is a fine selection. Matt Ryan has to approve.
    • Needs: OLB/DE, TE, OT, FS, RB, WR
    • My Prediction: OT Jake Matthews - Texas A&M
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    WR Mike Evans - Texas A & M

    Bortles pick pushes Evans down, Lovie pounces. Evans teamed with Vincent Jackson is a match up nightmare. Josh McCown should be throwing a lot of jump balls much like last season to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery in Chicago.
    • Needs: OG, WR, DT, M/SLB, QB, DE
    • My Prediction: QB Johnny Manziel - Texas A & M
  8. Cleveland Browns (from Minnesota)

    CB Justin Gilbert - Oklahoma St

    Not sure why they needed to move back up a pick, but it only cost them a fifth rounder. Prototypical modern day corner physically. Will be tested opposite Joe Haden. Needs to improve concentration, technique to survive. A boom or bust prospect.
    • Needs: QB, WR, CB, ILB, FS, G/RT
    • My Prediction: WR Sammy Watkins - Clemson at 4
  9. Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo through Cleveland)

    OLB/DE Anthony Barr - UCLA

    Dynamic edge rusher for Mike Zimmer. No real argument with this pick. Huge upside. At worst a sub-package terror as a pass rusher. First top 10 pick from UCLA since Jonathon Ogden.
    • Needs: QB, S, OG, M/OLB, CB, DT
    • My Prediction: DT Aaron Donald - Pittsburgh at 8
  10. Detroit Lions

    TE Eric Ebron - North Carolina

    Megatron, Joseph Fauria and Ebron in the red zone is ridiculous. Throw in Golden Tate and Brandon Pettigrew and it's time to draft Matthew Stafford for your fantasy team.
    • Needs: CB, WR, OLB, FS, C, DE
    • My Prediction: WR Odell Beckham Jr, LSU
  11. Tennessee Titans

    OT Taylor Lewan - Michigan

    True best player available scenario. Signed Oher to play on the right side, have Michael Roos on the left side. The Steelers should call to see if the 32 year old Roos is available for a late rounder.
    • Needs: RB, QB, ILB, OLB, NT/DE, CB
    • My Prediction: OLB Anthony Barr, UCLA
  12. New York Giants

    WR Odell Beckham Jr - LSU

    Joins former teammate Ruben Randle, Victor Cruz, Jerrel Jernigan and resigned Mario Manningham to provide Eli with a deep collection of weapons. Like the player, concerned about the pick given other needs. How long will offensive line lacking in talent be able to keep Manning upright to get the ball downfield?
    • Needs: OT, TE, G/C, OLB, DT, DE
    • My Prediction: T/G Zack Martin - Notre Dame
  13. St. Louis Rams

    DT Aaron Donald - Pitt

    Brilliant pick by Fisher. Too good to pass up. Pass rush with Chris Long, Robert Quinn and Donald is going to be insane. The Vikings and Giants in particular because of their defensive schemes are going to rue the day they passed on Donald.
    • My Prediction: CB Justin Gilbert - Oklahoma St
  14. Chicago Bears

    CB Kyle Fuller - Virginia Tech

    Fine pick. Fills a need. Corner is a need for everyone to be honest. Could have easily been the Steelers pick. Still, can't be happy Donald went only a pick earlier.
    • Needs: DT, S, CB, OLB, RB, WR
    • My Prediction: S HaHa Clinton-Dix - Alabama
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers

    I/OLB Ryan Shazier - Ohio St

    Not a complete shocker. Speed and playmaking ability on defense is a clear need. A LB that ran a 4.38 40 is hard to ignore. Versatility a plus. Sideline-to-sideline run stopper, can cover TEs and in certain situations rush off the edge. Only real question is whether a slightly undersized player can hold up inside in this scheme.
    • Needs: CB, NT/DE, WR, O/ILB, TE, OT
    • My Prediction: CB Darqueze Dennard - Michigan St
  16. Dallas Cowboys

    T/G Zach Martin - Notre Dame

    I'm torn. Martin was the best player available. Interior offensive line could use help. Yet the defense is so damn bad. Maybe no defensive lineman was worth this pick, but Calvin Pryor or HaHa Clinton Dix would have really helped.
    • Needs: DE, S, DT, G, OLB, RB
    • My Prediction: S Calvin Pryor, Louisville
  17. Baltimore Ravens

    ILB CJ Mosely - Alabama

    Solid football player. Nothing spectacular. Not especially surprising. The definition of an Ozzie Newsome pick.
    • Needs: RT, FS, WR, DE, CB, O/ILB
    • My Prediction: TE Eric Ebron, North Carolina
  18. New York Jets

    S Calvin Pryor - Louisville

    J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets. Rex loves defense. Nothing wrong with this pick except for franchise's complete lack of offensive skill position talent.
    • Needs: CB, WR, TE, OG, FS, I/OLB
    • My Prediction: WR Brandin Cooks, Oregon St
  19. Miami Dolphins

    OT JaWaun James - Tennessee

    Four year starter in college. Immediate starter at right tackle or guard. Had to take an offensive lineman. He was their favorite. That is fine to be honest. Only question. Why couldn't they deal down with the Saints? An extra third rounder wouldn't have hurt.
    • Needs: RT, OG, MLB, S, RB, TE
    • My Prediction: OT Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama
  20. New Orleans Saints (from Arizona)

    WR Brandin Cooks - Oregon

    Traded a third rounder to move up 7 spots, then waited around several minutes before making the pick in the final seconds. Bastards, I just finished my fourth Maker's Mark. Speed it up. When you trade up you know who you are going to select. Nice pick though..... Explosive playmaker. Basically a Darren Sproles replacement in a slightly different form.
    • Needs: OLB, G/C, CB, ILB, WR, RB
    • My Prediction: OLB Dee Ford, Auburn at 27
  21. Green Bay Packers

    S HaHa Clinton-Dix - Alabama

    No brainer. Best player available. Most pressing need.
    • Needs: S, C, ILB, TE, WR, NT/DE
    • My Prediction: ILB CJ Mosely - Alabama
  22. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)

    QB Johnny Manziel - Texas A & M

    I really like Manziel. I think he is clearly the best QB in this draft and that his playmaking ability will definitely translate to the next level. Alas as a lifelong Steelers fan (coming up on 53 years) I hate the Browns as one might imagine. Now I have to hope I was wrong about Manziel. Here's hoping for the next Brady Quinn or Brandon Weeden, both also taken with the 22nd pick.
    • My Prediction: QB Derek Carr, Fresno St at 26
  23. Kansas City Chiefs

    OLB Dee Ford - Auburn

    Not sure what to say. Seems like a slight reach at a position of little need with Tamba Hali and Justin Houston on the depth chart. Guess edge rushers are always in demand.
    • Needs: WR, OT, FS, OG, ILB, CB
    • My Prediction: WR Marqise Lee, USC
  24. Cincinnati Bengals

    CB Darqueze Dennard - Michigan St

    Makes perfect sense.
    • Needs: CB, DE, OT/G, DT, C, QB
    • My Prediction: CB Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech
  25. San Diego Chargers

    CB Jason Verrett - TCU

    Thin, short build scares me. I would have gambled on Roby. That is nit-picking. Perfectly fine selection. Gotta play Peyton twice, gotta have corners.
    • Needs: CB, NT/DE, WR, OG, OLB, TE
    • My Prediction: CB Bradley Robey - Ohio St
  26. Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis through Cleveland)

    OLB/DE Markus Smith - Louisville

    Edge rusher a need. I personally liked Ealy, Lawrence and Attaochu much better as pure pass rushers. I'd defer to the professionals, but find they are often wrong.
    • Needs: WR, OLB, SS, NT, ILB, CB
    • My Prediction: I/OLB Ryan Shazier - Ohio St at 22
  27. Arizona Cardinals (from New Orleans)

    S Deion Buchanon - Washington St

    Immediate starter. Big defender that has improved his ball skills. Just missed the playoffs so going for immediate help makes sense. Trade down from 20 helps make slight reach more palatable.
    • Needs: OLB, RT/G, ILB, QB, TE, SS
    • My Prediction: QB Blake Bortles at 20
  28. Carolina Panthers

    WR Kelvin Benjamin - Florida St

    Huge gamble on inexperienced, overaged prospect with upside. Reportedly a favorite of the Steelers. I am honestly relieved he will not be wearing black and gold. Big receivers with only a single season of college productivity do not have a good track record. To me seems like a bust waiting to happen.
    • Needs: OT, WR, CB, OG, S, OLB
    • My Prediction: WR Cody Latimer - Indiana
  29. New England Patriots

    DT Dominique Easley - Florida

    Has suffered a pair of ACL tears, the last ruining his final college season. Definitely a gifted athlete with major upside. Should be interesting to track how this works out. Talent is not a question.
    • Needs: TE, DT, C/G, WR, RB, DE
    • My Prediction: DT Louis Nix, Notre Dame
  30. San Francisco 49ers

    S Jimmie Ward - Northern Illinois

    Took Eric Reid in the first round last season, have Antoine Bethea to start next to him. Totally confused by this pick. They must have really loved the undersized Ward.
    • Needs: CB, WR, OLB, C, DE, ILB
    • My Prediction: CB Jason Verrett, TCU
  31. Denver Broncos

    CB Bradley Robey - Ohio St

    Value meets need. Ninth defensive back taken.
    • Needs: CB, MLB, G/RT, FS, OLB, RB
    • My Prediction: OG Xavier Su'a-Filo, UCLA
  32. Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle)

    QB Teddy Bridgewater - Louisville

    Nice to see Bridgewater get out of the green room on the first day. Should be interesting to see whether Norv Turner can develop him.
    • My Prediction: S Jimmie Ward - Northern Illinois at 40

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