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Power Rankings (week 17)

December 26, 2012 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Denver Broncos 12-3 Last loss was October 7th.
2. 2. Green Bay Packers 11-4 Getting hot at the right time.
3. 5. Atlanta Falcons 13-2 Clinched home field, now must win home playoff games.
4. 6. New England Patriots 11-4 Brady has thrown TD passes in 47 straight games, tying Unitas for second all-time and trailing Brees by 7.
5. 7. Seattle Seahawks 10-5 Scored a mind boggling 150 points in the last 3 games.
6. 3. Houston Texans 12-3 Losers of 2 of the last 3 are playing their worst football at the wrong time.
7. 4. San Francisco 49ers 10-4-1 Becoming enamored with Kaepernick when Smith was injured is starting to look like a mistake.
8. 8. Baltimore Ravens 10-5 Finally woke up against the Giants after sleep walking through a 3 game losing streak.
9. 9. Indianapolis Colts 10-5 Can Pagano return spur them to even greater heights?
10. 10. Washington Redskins 9-6 Haven't lost since Shanahan seemed to give up on them before the week 10 bye.
11. 12. Cincinnati Bengals 9-6 Lewis deserves credit for making the playoffs in consecutive season while retooling on the fly with a new offensive coordinator, quarterback and top receiver.
12. 14. Minnesota Vikings 9-6 Purple Jesus has carried them to the unlikely position that a win in the season finale earns them a playoff berth.
13. 15. Chicago Bears 9-6 Need help. Not what was expected after 7-1 start.
14. 17. New Orleans Saints 7-8 Still have a chance to finish .500 after offseason turmoil and 0-4 start.
15. 11. Dallas Cowboys 8-7 A win in Washington still gives them the division despite last week's slip up.
16. 13. New York Giants 8-7 Have to win plus have the Bears, Vikings and Cowboys all lose to defend their championship.
17. 18. Miami Dolphins 7-8 Can't go into next season with the same receiving corps.
18. 19. Carolina Panthers 6-9 Have a chance to top last season’s win total.
19. 20. St. Louis Rams 7-7-1 Already won 5 more games than last year and still have a bounty of picks from RGIII deal.
20. 26. San Diego Chargers 6-9 Getting to play the Jets is a salve for even the worst of defenses.
21. 16. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-8 Decision to replace Arians with Haley backfired.
22. 21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-9 Rome was not built in a day. The players now tiring of Schiano are the mentally weak that need replaced on a winner.
23. 22. Tennessee Titans 5-10 Owner Adams is not a happy man, nor should he be.
24. 23. New York Jets 6-9 McElroy is not the answer.
25. 24. Arizona Cardinals 5-10 Inability to replace Warner likely to cost Whisenhunt his job.
26. 25. Cleveland Browns 5-10 How many times will they have to start over before they finally get things right?
27. 27. Detriot Lions 4-11 Megatron set the record for most receiving yards in a season as they lost their seventh straight.
28. 28. Buffalo Bills 5-10 Need to start over with a real plan.
29. 29. Philadelphia Eagles 4-11 Vick gets a last chance to showcase himself due to Foles injury.
30. 30. Oakland Raiders 4-11 Anyone that thought anybody including Allen could turn around this mess in a single season was dreaming.
31. 31. Kansas City Chiefs 2-13 Just need to lose the finale to clinch the first pick.
32. 32. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-13 Are they desperate enough to turn to Tebow?

*Last week's ranking

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