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4 Quick keys, Vs. Pats

September 10, 2015 by Still Mill

4 quick keys for da Stillers, who hopefully can at least hang in the game and not get run out of the gym, to use hoops parlance:

1.  Get DeAngelo involved.   He was 1 of the very few Stillers who showed competence in pre-season.    He needs to get some carries and get some passes as well.
2.   Pinkie Wheaton.   With M. Bryant out, Tonio will see double and perhaps even triple coverage.    (The Pats being concerned about hilarious.)      Pinkie must step up and be a man.  
3.   Middle pressure.    Tom Lady usually gets the ball away before outside pressure can harass.  It's middle pressure, in his face, that gives The Inflator problems, esp. due to his lack of escapability.   This isn't easy, but at a few points in this game, the D must get middle pressure on Lady and bust him in the chops.  
4.    Minimize Charmin.    Giving Edelaman a 12-yard cushion on every down will be deathly.   Assler needs to use some bump coverage, lest he be sliced to death.   
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