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"Best" Bet (plus two)

October 31, 2012 by Steel Haven

Hard to fathom the Chargers offense being so bad they couldn't get into the end zone once in Cleveland. Chargers fans can take solace in the fact that AJ Smith and Norv Turner are more than likely as Carl Perkins once sang Gone, Gone, Gone. Smart Chargers fans will just forget about football and go to the beach. I knew Peyton Manning would eviscerate the Saints defense. Everybody knows the Saints defense is abysmal. I just thought Drew Brees could stay within a TD, maybe with a late back door cover. I was saved from another winless week by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. I would have rather lost.

I live in Central Jersey and my area while not completely obliterated like Southern Jersey or the Jersey Shore was still pretty devastated by Sandy. The town I live in and the town I work in are mostly without power. Approximately five telephone poles one street over from me were sheared in half by the storm. Nobody a block east or a block south of my house has power, yet somehow the lights remain on for me. Someone that has made his fortune betting against my best bet every week obviously has immense power.

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home team in bold

Best Bet

Detriot Lions (-3.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars

What's wrong with Megatron? The Lions shouldn’t need an answer to that question in this matchup with MJD again on the sidelines.


Washington Redskins (-3.0) over Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are better than their record indicates, but somehow always find a way to lose. I'll bet on that continuing. Can the Redskins receiver hang on to the ball? Last week they dropped 10 passes obviously distracted by the Steelers throwback uniforms. I will admit I am happy to not have to hear idiots like Michael Wilbon declare Burgundy Jesus as the league MVP. Not that I have anything against RGIII, just talking about him as the MVP at this point is ridiculous.

Baltimore Ravens (-4.0) over Cleveland Browns

The streaking Browns screwed me last week. Let's just say I am not a believer. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Ravens aren’t coached by Norv Turner.

Last Week

San Diego Chargers (-2.5) over Cleveland Browns LOSS

New England Patriots (-7.0) over St. Louis Rams (in London) WIN

New Orleans Saints (+6.0) over Denver Broncos LOSS

Year to Date: 7-17  Best Bets: 1-7

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