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Power Rankings (week 8)

October 24, 2012 by Steel Haven


Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Atlanta Falcons 6-0 Will be judged on playoff results, not how many games they win in the regular season.
2. 2. New York Giants 5-2 Cruz got behind the defense in the final 2 minutes and stole victory from the jaws of defeat.
3. 5. Houston Texans 6-1 Defeated the Ravens for the first time in franchise history.
4. 4. Green Bay Packers 4-3 Cobb has already topped 1000 yards combined from scrimmage and on returns. Only other player in franchise history to accomplish the same feat in the first 7 games was Grimes in 1950.
5. 6. San Francisco 49ers 5-2 Held 3 of their last 4 opponents to under 7 points.
6. 7. Chicago Bears 5-1 Cutler showed his toughness in a street brawl returning after being body slammed by Suh.
7. 3. Baltimore Ravens 5-2 Rushing Suggs back from injury proved meaningless in blowout loss.
8. 9. New England Patriots 4-3 In first place and losses are by a combined 4 points. The glass is half full.
9. 10. Minnesota Vikings 5-2 The continuing recovery of Purple Jesus makes them all the more dangerous.
10. 11. Denver Broncos 3-3 Hard to envision Fox/Manning not winning the division over Turner/Rivers with the Raiders and Chiefs clearly not in the discussion.
11. 12. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3 Finally won on the road. Still haunted by losses in Tennessee and especially Oakland.
12. 8. Seattle Seahawks 4-3 Undefeated outside the division and winless inside the division. Tie breakers will not be kind to them.
13. 13. Philadelphia Eagles 3-3 Reid in 12 tries has never lost after a bye.
14. 20. New Orleans Saints 2-4 Kromer's stint as head coach ends on a high note.
15. 15. Miami Dolphins 3-3 Legitimate contender if they can win in the swamps of Jersey thanks in part to a fairly easy remaining schedule.
16. 21. Dallas Cowboys 3-3 Need a second win over the Giants to turn around their season.
17. 14. Arizona Cardinals 4-3 Fast start proving to be a mirage. How did they win in Foxboro?
18. 16. Cincinnati Bengals 3-3 Dalton joined Palmer as the only QBs in franchise history to throw picks in each of the first 7 games to start a season.
19. 17. Washington Redskins 3-4 Turned the ball over 4 times in the second half after committing only 5 turnovers previously all season.
20. 19. New York Jets 3-4 At least they are playing hard for Ryan after loss of Revis, Holmes.
21. 26. Tennessee Titans 3-4 Suddenly dangerous thanks in large part to resurrection of CJ2K.
22. 18. Detriot Lions 2-4 Doomed by 3 red zone turnovers.
23. 23. San Diego Chargers 3-3 Reportedly spent the bye week being investigated for using an illegal stickum-like substance in loss to Broncos. Turner needs to take lessons from Belichick on how to effectively cheat.
24. 22. St. Louis Rams 3-4 Done no favors by having to travel to London for a home game.
25. 29. Indianapolis Colts 3-3 Win overshadowed by Pagano being released from the hospital.
26. 24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-4 Penalty on the final play cost them a game tying TD. Jinxed by the creamsicle throwbacks.
27. 25. Buffalo Bills 3-4 Not getting their money's worth out of highly paid defense.
28. 27. Oakland Raiders 2-4 Needed OT to beat a 1 win team that had lost their QB and feature RB after travelling cross country. About as hollow a victory as imaginable.
29. 28. Carolina Panthers 1-5 Steady decline justifiably cost Hurney his job. Can Rivera survive?
30. 30. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5 MJD's injury illustrates why he was holding out (and why Khan/Smith didn't want to pay him).
31. 31. Cleveland Browns 1-6 Haslam/Banner have their work cut out for them.
32. 32. Kansas City Chiefs 1-5 Turning to Quinn is the height of desperation.

*Last week's ranking

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