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Stillers Agree on Deals with Tylski, Graham

February 29, 2000 by Still Mill

Stillers Agree to Deals with Tylski, Graham

Stillers Agree to Deals with Tylski, Graham

The Stillers have agreed to terms with OG Rich Tylski and QB Kent Graham.

Tylski was signed to compete with Brendan PigStai at RG, as well as serve as depth since Sweeney will surely retire. Tylski is no superstar, but I like this signing a LOT. WHY?? Because it creates COMPETITION, something that is terribly lacking on this team. Upon further review, I don't know if I've EVER seen such a sorry team which had such LITTLE competition. This team is a morass of mediocre players ENTRENCHED in starting jobs for NO REASON whatsoever. The list of stiffs who have been handed jobs on silver platters the past 2 seasons, includes: Stewart, Witmann, Breuner, Stai, Hawkins, Henry, Harrison, Emmons, Gildon, Doughboy Perry, and Travis Davis. It's about time Stai gets his ass in gear and has to fight for a starting job. There SHOULD be more of this going on. On a team that is 6-15 in it's past 21 games, only a smal handful of players -- Bettis, Holmes, Kirkland, Dawson, et al -- should be named starters before camp. EVERY other man should be told that he's got to fight for the starting job. Competition ALWAYS breeds better effort, better focus, and better productivity.

The Stillers also agreed to terms with QB Kent Graham. This is another move I like. First, it means the END of Michael Prozac, the WORST QB in pro football. I cannot explain how happy I am, that I'll NEVER have to watch this sack o' shit play again. What I like about Graham, is that the man has won games on a lousy team. He's 10-5 the past 2 years as a starter for the Giants. He lost out to Collins in the QB derby in NY, and then was cut this offseason for not taking a pay cut. 10-5 with such a pitiful team, is pretty remarkable. You might also recall that it was Graham who led the Giants to the win that snapped the '98 Broncos unbeaten season. Graham's deal also means that Stewart will FINALLY have a legitimate fight for the starting job at camp, something that has NEVER happened.

Speaking of Graham being cut, this is NOW what the Stillers MUST do. They have no room under the cap to sign either of these 2 guys. They NEED to take a page from the Giants, and tell a few guys to either accept a pay cut, or be CUT. Among those who should be dealt with in this manner: Witmann, Stai, Steed, and Davis. Mitch Lyons, by the way, should be CUT whenever practical in accordance with salary cap rules. The guy tore THREE different ligament in his knee, in late December. He MIGHT be ready to play --- in the 2001 season. He will never be recuperated in time for the '00 season. It makes no sense to tie up scarce cap dollars on a mediocre slowpoke TE who might never be able to play again in the NFL. Reach an injury settlement, and move on.

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