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Rumors Swirl on Worilds Extension

November 29, 2011 by Still Mill

Rumor - Worilds to be extended

Rumors Swirl on Worilds Extension


Rumors have surfaced around the �net regarding a contract extension the Stillers have offered to OLB Jason Worilds.


Worilds, the 2nd-year man out of Va Tech, is coming off a career-best game, in which he had 4 solos, 2 assists, a sack, and a couple of hurries.


It is rumored that Stiller GM Kevin Colbert has offered Worilds somewhere in the neighborhood of a 3-year, $31M dollar extension.���


Per the rumors, Colbert is quoted as saying, �Jason stepped in for LaMarr Woodley and we didn�t miss a beat.��� Jason had a big game versus the Chiefs.�� He had a couple good solo stuffs in the running game and even got a Dong Sack on a coverage sack.That�s all we expect from Big LaMarr, and by golly, if LaMarr is worth $61M, then Jason is worth at least half that figure....�


Per Colbert, a press conference to announce the signing is expected to be held on Nov. 31st.



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