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"Best" Bet (plus two)

December 05, 2012 by Steel Haven

No chance to claw back to .500 in my best bests. Done in by my darlings of the stretch run and playoffs last season, the Giants. I was feeling fine with the Giants heading into the fourth quarter on Monday night. They were moving the ball at will and had a lead. Maker's Mark bourbon on ice didn't hurt. Alas mistakes and stupid penalties conspired to repeatedly keep them out of the end zone. The bourbon helped me hide my pain.

I actually felt relatively good about my picks last Wednesday. After Sunday I was ecstatic. Oh well.... I had a tougher time finding three games this week for whatever that is worth.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Cleveland Browns (-6.5) over Kansas City Chiefs

I was trying to stay away from the Chiefs. In the end I couldn't.... The Browns have been playing better. I could see a complete collapse from the Kansas City on the road after last week's emotion packed victory. Extra time to think about what happened last Saturday is unlikely to be a good thing at least in the relatively short term.


New York Jets (-2.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars

Rex Ryan goes back to Dirty Sanchez reportedly against the wishes of owner Woody Johnson. I have no idea why I think that will work out. Even if it doesn't the defense should be able to dominate and Greg McElroy will still be available in relief.

Atlanta Falcons (-3.5) over Carolina Panthers

The Falcons have clinched their division and could suffer letdown so I understand the line somewhat. I'll bet on them keeping the pedal to the metal for one more week with home field throughout the playoffs so tantalizingly within reach.

Last Week

New York Giants (-2.5) over Washington Redskins LOSS

Houston Texans (-6.0) over Tennessee Titans WIN

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.0) over San Diego Chargers WIN

Year to Date: 16-23  Best Bets: 4-9

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