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Bouchette Shills for Plagiarized Book....By Steel Paladin

December 20, 2013 by Still Mill

Bouchette Shills for Plagiarized Book ... by Steel Paladin (Guest Writer)
Post-Gazette "beat" writer Ed Bouchette has repeatedly shilled for Gary Pomerantz's 2013 book Their Life's Work, lauding, among other things, the book's meticulous research.
Umm, yes, "research" would be one way to euphemistically describe how much Pomerantz utilized Roy Blount's About Three Bricks Shy of a Load, a seminal work first published in 1974.
Plagiarized would be another way to describe it.
Something Bouchette has chosen to ignore, even when has been pointed out to him.
To be sure, the book has merit.
However, the Pulitzer Prize wouldn't excuse its pointed lack of integrity.
In retrospect, red sails should have flown when  Douchette praised the book to high heaven.
I mean, he is the house shill for the Steelers, so why should we expect anything different especially when a fellow scribbler is involved?
All right.
Here are two citations.
First, from the 1974 Blount book.
Then, from the 2013 Pomerantz tome. 
     Bradshaw began to move away to get a drink of water and Noll grabbed him and jerked him back.
     A man in the pressbox was watching the scene through binoculars.  "Noll's not a swearer, " he said.
     "And he said at least five fucks."
      Blount, p. 130.
     Noll grabbed Bradshaw  as he turned toward the water cooler and jerked him back to their conversation.
     One man in the press box  who watched the scene through binoculars said, "Noll's not a swearer.  And he said at least five 'fucks.'
     Pomerantz, p.128.
      Even the Chief, who prided himself on being able to chew the fat with anybody, got nowhere chatting with Noll.
     Blount, p. 144.
     Even the Chief, who prided himself on being able to talk with anyone, said he could not make a conversation
     with Noll.
     Pomerantz, p. 371.
So much for concrete evidence.
Pomerantz's book devotes considerable ink to the 1972 season.
Then skips to 1974. With good reason.
Blount's book covers the disappointing 1973 campaign.
Sure don't want readers to discover (or re-discover Blount's book.)
You know, with a just a little attribution, I wouldn't have my boxers in a twist, and Bouchette wouldn't have to pimp, dance and ignore righteous criticism.
Years ago the late Beano Cook told Stan Savran that the coverage of the Stillers in the PG was a disgrace.
I know that house organ approach makes some fans happy, but, hey, left to their own desires, children would eat naught but, cake, pie and ice cream.
Journalism is the truth-telling business -- not keep Dan Rooney from spewing a green hemorrhage.
Realize that I pay for the privilege of watching the Stillers; Bouchette does not.
Realize that I paid for my copy of the book in question;  Bouchette did not.
You may therefore judge who is the more objective observer.
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