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2011 Mock Draft

April 27, 2011 by Steel Haven

Round 1

  1. Carolina Panthers

    QB Cam Newton, Auburn

    Newton is simply the most physically gifted player at any position in the draft. His ceiling combined with his performance on the field last season makes him tough to pass up with the top pick. Even considering the off the field concerns and that he only attempted 246 passes at the major college level.
    • Needs: QB, DE, DT, CB, TE, WR
    • Other Options: DT M Dareus, trade down
  2. Denver Broncos

    DT Marcel Dareus, Alabama

    Talent drain of the Josh McDaniels era leaves them with major needs on both sides of the ball, especially defense. Really can't go wrong with taking any of the top defenders. Dareus seems to have the most upside with the least chance to bust. His burst should make him a disruptive force in the middle. At the worst he will be a solid run stuffer. The explosive Miller is an option if new head coach John Fox thinks he fits as a LB in the 4-3 on non-passing downs. Rumors also persist that QB could be in play with new team president John Elway not being a fan of Tim Tebow.
    • Needs: DT, S, LB, TE, RT/G, RB
    • Hope might be available: no one
    • Other Options: OLB V Miller, trade down
  3. Buffalo Bills

    OLB Von Miller, Texas A&M

    Chan Gailey wants the defense to be more versatile and use multiple formations. No matter what the scheme the talent in the defensive front seven needs an upgrade. Miller's burst on the edge makes him a difference maker in either a 3-4 or a 4-3 despite a lack of prototypical size. Consider this a gift to new LB coach and assistant head coach Dave Wannstedt.
    • Needs: OT, OLB, DE, QB, CB/S, DT
    • Hope might be available: DT M Dareus, QB C Newton
    • Other Options: CB/S P Peterson
  4. Cincinnati Bengals

    WR A.J. Green, Georgia

    Neither Terrell Owens nor Chad Ochocinco is expected back. The question is who will be throwing to Green. Carson Palmer doesn't appear to be bluffing that he will not return to Cincinnati. His brother Jordan is clearly not the answer.
    • Needs: QB, S, DE, T/G, WR, RB
    • Hope might be available: QB C Newton
    • Other Options: QB B Gabbert, CB/S P Peterson
  5. Arizona Cardinals

    CB/S Patrick Peterson, LSU

    Select the top player on their board instead taking Blaine Gabbert. This would clearly be a welcome development for the vocal minority of players including Larry Fitzgerald that think a rookie QB would preclude winning immediately. Expect them to sign Marc Bulger as a stop gap.
    • Needs: QB, LB, OG, CB, OT, TE
    • Hope might be available: OLB V Miller
    • Other Options: QB B Gabbert, OLB R Quinn, trade down
  6. Cleveland Browns

    DE/OLB Robert Quinn, North Carolina

    A gamble on a player that hasn't taken the field in 18 months. Quinn should provide explosiveness at end in their switch to the 4-3. Mike Holmgren is reportedly leaning toward defense if A.J. Green is unavailable as expected believing the new scheme will help the current receivers on the roster. Still, a trade down to target Julio Jones with someone that wants Blaine Gabbert is not out of the question.
    • Needs: WR, DE, RT/G, FS, LB, CB
    • Hope might be available: WR AJ Green, OLB V Miller, CB P Peterson
    • Other Options: WR J Jones, trade down
  7. San Francisco 49ers

    QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

    Gabbert seems to be dropping a bit with the Bills, Bengals and Cardinals rumored to be leaning in other directions. Just don't expect him to fall out of the top 10 given how many teams have a desperate need at the position. Despite rumors that they want Alex Smith back, Gabbert is simply too tempting for an offensive minded rookie head coach like Jim Harbaugh.
    • Needs: QB, CB, OLB, NT, G/C, S
    • Hope might be available: OLB V Miller, CB P Peterson, OLB R Quinn
    • Other Options: CB P Amukamara
  8. Tennessee Titans

    DT Nick Fairley, Auburn

    Fairley was considered a sure thing for the top 5 before paralysis by analysis started to set in and his faults were picked apart by scouts. Fairley is sort of the defensive version of his college teammate Cam Newton. A dynamic playmaker that only produced for a single season at the major college level burdened by some off the field concerns. The Titans still looking to replace Albert Haynesworth in the middle of their defense can�t resist, especially with Blaine Gabbert off the board and no clear top defensive end to select. A trade up for Gabbert if he falls to 6 or a trade down for Jake Locker can't be discounted.
    • Needs: QB, DE, DT, G/C, LB, CB/S
    • Hope might be available: QB B Gabbert, DE R Quinn
    • Other Options: DE D Bowers, QB J Locker, trade up/down
  9. Dallas Cowboys

    OT Tyron Smith, USC

    Settle on a long term solution at right tackle as a fallback position. Expect them to be trying hard to trade out of this spot into the mid-teens to select Mike Pouncey.
    • Needs: OT, CB, S, G/C, DE, LB
    • Hope might be available: CB P Peterson
    • Other Options: CB P Amukamara, G/C M Pouncey, OLB A Smith, DE J Watt, trade up/down
  10. Washington Redskins

    WR Julio Jones, Alabama

    Really a mess. Need upgrades on both lines. Lack playmakers on both sides of the ball with the exception of Brian Orakpo and to a lesser extent Santana Moss. Jones had an eye opening combine performance after flying somewhat under the radar for the run first Crimson Tide. Trading down for Jake Locker also makes sense if Mike Shanahan believes his accuracy issues can be fixed. Donovan McNabb will not be back which leaves Rex Grossman as their top option at QB. Talk about being desperate. Have no 3rd or 4th round picks so a trade up for Blaine Gabbert is unlikely despite being more in Shanahan and Daniel Snyder's character.
    • Needs: QB, WR, RT/G, CB, LB, NT
    • Hope might be available: QB B Gabbert, OLB R Quinn
    • Other Options: QB J Locker, OLB A Smith, trade up/down
  11. Houston Texans

    CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

    The offense is playoff ready. The defense still needs work. Amukamara ran a good forty time at the combine despite being a bit stiff in positional drills. He didn't intercept a pass as a senior in part due to opponents avoiding his side of the field. At worst he can eventually move to safety after a few seasons at corner.
    • Needs: CB, OLB, S, NT, WR, G/C
    • Hope might be available: OLB R Quinn
    • Other Options: DE/OLB D Bowers, OLB A Smith, trade up
  12. Minnesota Vikings

    QB Jake Locker, Washington

    This pick is for convenience sake more than anything else. Locker could go as high as the 8th pick. He should go in the late teens to mid-20's. A trade into that range by the Titans, Redskins, Vikings, Jaguars or another of the QB starved teams is more likely to dictate Locker's actual landing spot. Then again, given their need at the position the Vikings could simply sit tight and pull the trigger.
    • Needs: QB, S, DE, G/C, DT, LT
    • Hope might be available: DT N Fairley
    • Other Options: DE D Bowers, trade down
  13. Detroit Lions

    DE Da�Quan Bowers, Clemson

    The slide ends with the Lions deciding Bowers' upside overrides concerns regarding his knee. Bowers did get some good news when his knee checked out OK during a medical re-evaluation in Indianapolis on April 10. The defensive line will keep opposing offensive coordinators up at night with Bowers lining up next to Ndamukong Suh and opposite Kyle Vanden Bosch.
    • Needs: CB, LB, G/C, OT, SS, DE
    • Hope might be available: CB P Amukamara, OT T Smith
    • Other Options: OT A Castonzo, G/C M Pouncey, trade down
  14. St. Louis Rams

    DE Aldon Smith, Missouri

    Head man Steve Spagnolo understands the value of athletic edge rushers from his time as defensive coordinator of the Giants. Smith has been compared to former Patriots standout Willie McGinest in that he appears to be a fit as both a 3-4 OLB and a 4-3 DE.
    • Needs: WR, DT, OG, SS, DE, RB
    • Hope might be available: WR J Jones
    • Other Options: RB M Ingram, DT C Liuget, G/C M Pouncey, trade up/down
  15. Miami Dolphins

    OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College

    Long term bookend for Jake Long that would allow Vernon Carey to move inside and solidify the entire line. Don't have a second round pick so a trade down may be the best case scenario.
    • Needs: RB, QB, G/C, S, CB, WR
    • Hope might be available: QB J Locker
    • Other Options: QB A Dalton, RB M Ingram, QB R Mallett, QB C Ponder, G/C M Pouncey, trade down
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars

    DE Cameron Jordan, California

    Looking for a big end to play the strong side in the 4-3 with a possible transition to the 3-4 in the future. Jordan has experience in the 3-4 in college and would be joining former teammate and last year's surprising 1st rounder Tyson Alualu. A trade down to get in position to take the eventual replacement for 33 year old David Garrard is another possibility.
    • Needs: DE, LB, S, QB, WR, OG
    • Hope might be available: QB J Locker
    • Other Options: QB A Dalton, QB R Mallett, QB C Ponder, G/C M Pouncey, DE J Watt, trade down
  17. New England Patriots (from Oakland)

    DE JJ Watt, Wisconsin

    Watt is the best 5-technique 3-4 end in the draft and could go as early as 9 to the Cowboys. He showed more athleticism at the combine than expected which could also lead to interest from teams that run a 4-3 scheme. Drafting Watt would basically guarantee that Vince Wilfork could stay at NT all season where he is more disruptive. Bill Belichick has 3 picks in the top 33 so expect some wheeling and dealing.
    • Needs: OLB, DE, G/C, OT, RB, WR
    • Hope might be available: OT A Castonzo, OLB A Smith
    • Other Options: OT G Carimi, OLB R Kerrigan, G/C M Pouncey, trade up/down/out
  18. San Diego Chargers

    OLB/DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

    Can't be excited to see Cameron Jordan and JJ Watt come off the board directly in front of them. Kerrigan showed enough athleticism in the post season to be considered as a 3-4 OLB. He provides more value than reaching for the next highest rated 3-4 end in Muhammad Wilkerson.
    • Needs: DE, LB, WR, OT, SS, RB
    • Hope might be available: DE C Jordan, DE J Watt
    • Other Options: OT G Carimi, DE M Wilkerson
  19. New York Giants

    G/C Mike Pouncey, Florida

    Probably a best case scenario. Pouncey is an intelligent, athletic immediate starter at guard or center if they can solve his problems snapping the ball in the shotgun. His twin brother�s performance as a rookie certainly doesn't hurt his stock.
    • Needs: LB, G/C, OT, DT, RB, CB/S
    • Hope might be available: OT A Castonzo
    • Other Options: OT G Carimi, DT C Liuget, RB M Ingram
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

    The priority here is to improve the pass rush. Unfortunately the defensive ends have come flying off the board and concerns about Adrian Clayborn's Erb's Palsy makes this a bit early to take him. Carimi should be an immediate starter on the right side and barring unforeseen circumstance be able to anchor that side of the line for years to come. Jimmy Smith also fills a need and provides value on the field. Whether or not his off the field issues will get him taken off their draft board, especially after the Aqib Talib fiasco, is the question. Trade up to 15 or 16 for the defensive end of their choice may be the best course of action.
    • Needs: DE, LB, OG, CB, OT, RB
    • Hope might be available: DE C Jordan, DE R Kerrigan, DE JJ Watt
    • Other Options: DE A Clayborn, CB J Smith, trade up/down
  21. Kansas City Chiefs

    OT Nate Soldier, Colorado

    Soldier is an athletic former TE that would allow Branden Albert to eventually move inside. Would they consider a high upside project that may need time to develop?
    • Needs: NT, LB, WR, OT, G/C, FS
    • Hope might be available: OT G Carimi, G/C M Pouncey
    • Other Options: NT P Taylor, trade down
  22. Indianapolis Colts

    OT Derek Sherrod, Mississippi St

    Bill Polian needs to stop throwing the offensive line under the bus and start adding talent to the unit. Sherrod is an experienced finesse lineman that fits the scheme and could conceivably step in immediately on the left side.
    • Needs: OT, DT, G/C, SS, CB, WR/KR
    • Hope might be available: G/C M Pouncey, OT N Soldier
    • Other Options: DT C Liuget, OG D Watkins
  23. Philadelphia Eagles

    CB Jimmy Smith, Colorado

    Ellis Hobbs has retired due to injury and Dmitri Patterson does not appear to be up to the task across from Asante Samuel. Smith reportedly didn't alleviate the fears of some teams concerned by off the field issues after interviewing poorly. Andy Reid has a tendency to be more forgiving.
    • Needs: CB, RT/G, LB, SS, TE, RB
    • Hope might be available: G/C M Pouncey, OT D Sherrod
    • Other Options: RB M Ingram, OG D Watkins, CB A Williams
  24. New Orleans Saints

    DT Corey Liuget, Illinois

    Liuget has flown up draft boards after surprisingly deciding to declare for the draft as an underclassman. He provides good value at this pick with the possibility to go as high as 14. His being viewed as a pure 4-3 tackle could drop him a bit as teams running that scheme go in different directions.
    • Needs: OLB, DE, DT, S, CB, RB
    • Hope might be available: CB J Smith
    • Other Options: OLB A Ayers, DE A Clayborne, RB M Ingram, CB/S A Williams, trade down
  25. Seattle Seahawks

    QB Christian Ponder, Florida St

    Another convenience pick to help wade through the morass of the QB position in this draft. Ponder and/or Dalton is likely to go in the mid-to-late 20's. I'll put Ponder here since I don't quite understand the appeal of Dalton. Once again a trade into this range by the Titans, Redskins, Vikings, Jaguars or another of the QB starved teams is more likely to dictate Ponder's actual landing spot. Still, there is a good chance that Matt Hasselbeck won't be back and Charlie Whitehurst is no sure thing as his nominal replacement. So why can't this happen?
    • Needs: QB, RT, G/C, DT, SS, CB
    • Hope might be available: QB J Locker, G/C M Pouncey, CB J Smith
    • Other Options: QB A Dalton, QB R Mallett, OG D Watkins, DT M Wilkerson, trade down
  26. Baltimore Ravens

    DE/DT Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple

    Appear focused on adding a 5-technique as an upgrade on Cory Redding despite seemingly more pressing issues at corner, the offensive line and receiver. Is it a smoke screen?
    • Needs: CB, OT, WR, DE, G/C, S
    • Hope might be available: OT D Sherrod, CB J Smith
    • Other Options: CB B Harris, DE C Heyward, CB/S A Williams, trade down
  27. Atlanta Falcons

    DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

    The fear over his Erb�s Palsy drops him into the Falcons lap. They should be happy to pull the trigger and fill a major area of need. This is a part of draft where just about any team could possibly trade down into the top of the second round with someone looking for a the QB. The Falcons are no exception.
    • Needs: DE, OLB, RT/G, WR, TE, CB
    • Hope might be available: OT G Carimi
    • Other Options: OLB A Ayers, TE K Rudolph, OG D Watkins, trade down
  28. New England Patriots

    RB Mark Ingram, Alabama

    Rumors reported by Peter King of Sports Illustrated have this pick going to an undisclosed team wanting a QB in exchange for their second rounder and a first rounder in 2012. Bill Belichick getting a king's ransom for this pick and/or the 33rd pick would not be shocking of course. Should he decide to only move the latter pick then it would be just his luck for Ingram to fall. Ingram is coming off an injury plagued season and there are concerns about his knee. He also didn�t run as fast as some hoped at the combined. What you get with Ingram is an instinctive runner with incredible balance and vision. Hard for Belichick to resist especially considering his close ties to Nick Saban.
    • Hope might be available: no one
    • Other Options: LB A Ayers, OG D Watkins, trade down/out
  29. Chicago Bears

    OG Danny Watkins, Baylor

    The offensive tackles are long gone and the remaining interior defenders with the exception of Marvin Austin appear better suited to a 3-4 defense. Austin�s off the field baggage makes him a tough sell at 29 especially after their experiences with Tank Johnson so the priority will likely be to trade down into the second round. Since the interior of the offensive line is also a problem Watkins appears to be the best remaining alternative. The tough, overage Watkins is a firefighter in Waco. He should be ready to step in immediately which is definitely needed in Chicago.
    • Needs: OT, DT, RG/C, WR, OLB, SS
    • Hope might be available: OT D Sherrod
    • Other Options: DT M Austin, DT C Heyward, DT P Taylor, trade down
  30. New York Jets

    NT Phil Taylor, Baylor

    Need to strengthen the interior run defense due to Kris Jenkins being released after a pair of seasons ruined by injuries. Taylor is a prototypical 3-4 nose prospect with the size and strength to hold up at the point of attack. Desire to add edge rusher could cause them to give Akeem Ayers or Jabal Sheard strong consideration.
    • Needs: DE, OLB, NT, OG, WR, S
    • Hope might be available: DE M Wilkerson
    • Other Options: LB A Ayers, DE C Heyward, OLB J Sheard, trade down
  31. Pittsburgh Steelers

    CB/S Aaron Williams, Texas

    Given what is already off the board this basically comes down to a decision between Williams, Brandon Harris and Cam Heyward. The need at corner seems too great for Heyward to be the selection. Both the corners have their good and bad points as you would expect with the 31st pick. Harris is an undersized, fluid cover corner willing in run support that lacks blazing speed and the bulk to always hold up at the point of attack. Williams has prototypical size yet lacks Harris' cover skills. His best position in the long run is likely to end up being free safety. Either should provide value as a nickel corner in the short term. Given past trends Williams seems like the more likely pick if both are available. Trading down to a team that is targeting one of the second tier QBs wouldn't be a bad idea. Trading up to take Sherrod also makes some sense if he gets past the Colts and into the late-20's.
    • Needs: CB, OT, RG, NT, WR, RB/FB
    • Hope might be available: G/C M Pouncey, OT D Sherrod, NT P Taylor
    • Other Options: LB A Ayers, CB B Harris, DE C Heyward, trade up/down
  32. Green Bay Packers

    DE/DT Cameron Heyward, Ohio St

    Adding a big body for the 3-4 appears to be a must. Cullen Jenkins is a free agent and Johnny Jolley has serious character concerns. Consider this a best case scenario since Heyward could go much earlier with more teams playing a 3-4 and needing 5-technique ends. An edge rusher opposite Clay Matthews is the other option.
    • Needs: DE, OLB, T/G, CB, RB, WR
    • Hope might be available: OG D Watkins, CB A Williams
    • Other Options: OLB A Ayers, CB B Harris, trade down

Round 2

  1. New England Patriots (from Panthers) - OLB Akeem Ayers, UCLA
    Expect 28th or 33rd pick to be a QB with the Patriots getting a 2012 1st rounder and more.
  2. Buffalo Bills - QB Colin Kaepernick, Nevada
    An athletic project for Gailey. May be willing to (and have to) move up for him.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals - QB Andy Dalton, TCU
    Want Ponder or Dalton for WCO. Historical unwillingness to move up could cost them.
  4. Denver Broncos - CB Brandon Harris, Miami, Fla
    Resigning Bailey only a short term fix at CB. Trade up for polished Ponder a possibility.
  5. Cleveland Browns - WR Torrey Smith, Maryland
    Speed on the outside to compliment collection of possession receivers.
  6. Arizona Cardinals - OLB Jabal Sheard, Pittsburgh
    Youth needed to supplant Porter and/or Haggans at OLB in 3-4.
  7. Tennessee Titans - QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
    A fit for vertical passing game. Might not be willing to gamble on character concerns after VY.
  8. Dallas Cowboys - CB/S Ras-I Dowling, Virginia
    Even if Newman returns the secondary lacks talent.
  9. Washington Redskins - T/G Ben Ijalana, Villanova
    Starter of all 52 games in college career to solidify right side of line. Can't discount trade up for QB.
  10. Houston Texans - OLB Brooks Reed, Arizona
    Switch to 3-4 requires edge rushers.
  11. Minnesota Vikings - DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina
    Gamble on possible 1st rounder with off the field issues.
  12. Detroit Lions - CB Johnny Patrick, Louisville
    They'll need 2 starters at corner if Houston isn't resigned.
  13. San Fransisco 49ers - NT Stephen Paea, Oregon
    Has the strength to hold up on the nose despite lack of prototypical size.
  14. Denver Broncos (from Dolphins) - TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
    Trade of Scheffler before last season and recent release of Graham leaves hole at TE.
  15. St. Louis Rams - WR Jonathon Baldwin, Pitt
    Much needed playmaker for Bradford. .
  16. Oakland Raiders

    T/G Orlando Franklin, Miami, Fla

    Could be immediate starter at RT or OG. This probably makes too much sense for Al Davis. Don't be surprised if they move up to get involved in the QB sweepstakes. Could you imagine Ryan Mallett in Black and Silver? They are actually reportedly more interested in Colin Kaepernick.
    • Needs: QB, G/C, CB, OT, S, TE
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars - S Rahim Moore, UCLA
    Upgrade on Carey and Greene is needed.
  18. San Diego Chargers - WR Leonard Hankerson, Miami, Fla
    None of their wideouts are signed past the 2011 season.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB Curtis Brown, Texas
    Talib is unlikely to be back, Barber isn't getting any younger.
  20. New York Giants - RB Mikel LeShoure, Illinois
    Running mate for Jacobs with Bradshaw unlikely to return.
  21. Indianapolis Colts - WR/KR Randall Cobb, Kentucky
    Multipurpose weapon desperately needed in the return game.
  22. Philadelphia Eagles - C/G Rodney Hudson, Florida St
    Limiting hits on Vick a priority.
  23. Kansas City Chiefs - LB Martez Wilson, Ilinois
    Perfect fit inside in the 3-4.
  24. New Orleans Saints - LB Bruce Carter, North Carolina
    Fill a need with a borderline 1st rounder that drops after tearing an ACL in December.
  25. Seattle Seahawks - DT Jurrell Casey, USC
    Lack talent in the interior defensive line beside Mebane.
  26. Baltimore Ravens - WR Jerrell Jernigan, Troy
    Youth and quickness for aging receiver corps led by Boldin and Mason.
  27. Atlanta Falcons - TE Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin
    Gonzalez can't play forever.
  28. New England Patriots - WR Titus Young, Boise St
    Downfield threat to add to their stable of interchangeable receivers.
  29. San Diego Chargers (from Jets) - DE Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson
    Looks like a nice fit at end opposite Castillo.
  30. Chicago Bears - DT Drake Nevis, LSU
    Replacement for Harris as a 3-technique tackle. .
  31. Pittsburgh Steelers

    T/G James Carpenter, Alabama

    Carpenter started every game for two years at LT in a pro style offense at the highest level of college football after transferring from junior college. Lacks definition and doesn't look the part of an NFL athlete with his shirt off. Who cares? Actually somewhat similar to Max Starks. Should be able to start immediately at RT or RG and could conceivably end up at LT in the Steelers' scheme given Ben Roethlisberger's escape ability.
    • Others: CB C Brown, DE J Jenkins, TE L Kendricks, RB R Williams, WR T Young
  32. Green Bay Packers - RB Ryan Williams, Va Tech
    Versatile, athletic back with upside to compliment Starks and Grant.

Round 3

  1. Carolina Panthers - DE/DT Allen Bailey, Miami, Fla
    Strong side end that can move inside on passing downs.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals - RB Daniel Thomas, Kansas St
    Workhorse that could conceivably replace free agent Benson.
  3. Denver Broncos - RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
    Looking for a change of pace to compliment Moreno.
  4. Buffalo Bills - CB Davon House, New Mexico St
    McGee is aging and injury prone, Florence a prospective free agent.
  5. Arizona Cardinals - T/G William Rackley, Lehigh
    The end is nigh for Faneca.
  6. Cleveland Browns - OT Jah Reid, South Fla
    Projects as immediate starter for right side of line despite lack of upside.
  7. Dallas Cowboys - OLB Justin Houston, Georgia
    Would they overlook positive test for marijuana at combine for pass rusher opposite Ware?
  8. New Orleans Saints (from Redskins) - CB Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio St
    Incredible measurables, lacks instincts.
  9. Houston Texans - WR Greg Little, North Carolina
    Big receiver to compliment Johnson.
  10. New England Patriots (from Vikings) - OT Marcus Gilbert, Florida
    Allows Vollmer to move to the left side to replace the aging Light.
  11. Detroit Lions - OT James Brewer, Indiana
    Injury prone franchise QB Matthew Stafford needs protection.
  12. San Francisco 49ers - OLB Sam Acho, Texas
    Edge pass rusher to go along with previous pick of interior run stuffer.
  13. Tennessee Titans - C Stefan Wisniewski, Penn St
    Current interior linemen are a collection of young, lightly regarded journeymen.
  14. St. Louis Rams - RB Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma St
    Change of pace back capable of giving Jackson a breather.
  15. Miami Dolphins - RB Shane Vereen, California
    Chances of either Brown or Williams being back appear minimal.
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars - OLB Dontay Moch, Nevada
    Severely undersized college 4-3 end certainly has the speed to translate to 4-3 backer.
  17. Oakland Raiders - TE Cameron Jordan, USC
    Jackson wants to run more 2 TE sets and Davis has to love the measurables.
  18. San Diego Chargers - S Tyler Sash, Iowa
    Looking to find a running mate for Weddle.
  19. New York Giants - DT Christian Ballard, Iowa
    Rotational DT to replace Cofield. Positive test at combine for marijuana causes drop.
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - LB Mason Foster, Washington
    Best 4-3 OLB available to compete with Geno Hayes and Quincy Black.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles - LB Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina
    Capable of starting inside or outside depending on  where Bradley and Chaney play.
  22. Kansas City Chiefs - NT/DE Kenrick Ellis, Hampton
    Huge interior line prospect that would be tried on the nose in KC.
  23. Indianapolis Colts - DT Terrell McClain, South Fla
    The type of active, undersized defender they seem to prefer.
  24. New Orleans Saints - S Quinton Carter, Oklahoma
    Need depth even if Harper and Sharper are resigned.
  25. San Diego Chargers (from Seahawks) - RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon St
    Having 5 picks in the top 3 rounds allows them to gamble on a weapon.
  26. Baltimore Ravens - CB Brandon Burton, Utah
    Need speed on defense in general. Both Carr and Wilson could be free agents.
  27. Atlanta Falcons - WR Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian
    Small college speed receiver to help open up the field for White.
  28. New England Patriots - G/T DeMarcus Love, Auburn
    Another piece to help rebuild the offensive line.
  29. Chicago Bears - WR Niles Paul, Nebraska
    Possession receiver to compliment Knox and Hester.
  30. New York Jets - OLB Chris Carter, Fresno St
    Looking for a pass rushing college DE as a conversion project. .
  31. Pittsburgh Steelers

    WR Austin Pettis, Boise St

    Pettis scored a mindboggling 39 TDs in his college career. Has a reputation for catching everything thrown his way. He is reportedly a tough, hard working team leader which never hurts. Good size. A credible, eventual Hines Ward replacement despite lacking the speed to stretch the field. On a team with Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown that is not really an issue.
    • Others: WR T Doss, TE V Green, RB T Jones, CB C Marsh, NT J Powe, RB J Todman
  32. Green Bay Packers - T/G Clint Boling, Georgia
    Strong, tough 4 year starter with experience at LT that likely projects inside.
  33. Carolina Panthers (comp) - CB Curtis Marsh, Utah St
    Replacement for expected unrestricted free agent Marshall.
4 (128) Pittsburgh Steelers

CB Cortez Allen, The Citadel

Has the size/speed ratio of a much higher pick. Allen is a football neophyte that played only a single season in high school. Provides some protection as a pure corner if Aaron Williams is the first pick and eventually must move to safety or Brandon Harris is the first pick and proves to have the upside of a nickel back.
  • Others: CB R Carmichael, OT C Hairston, OG J Moffitt, WR D Moore, TE D Williams
5 (162) Pittsburgh Steelers

NT Anthony Gray, Southern Miss

Gray was originally discounted due to a lack of prototypical height. Measured 5'11.3" and 335 pounds at the combine where he put up an impressive 39 reps in the bench press and ran a more than adequate 5.29 forty. He is surprisingly quick and has the natural leverage necessary to be a run stuffing presence in the middle in Dick Lebeau's defense.
  • Others: OG Z Hurd, RB J Harper, K A Henery, OT J King, TE J Thomas, LB C Matthews
6 (196) Pittsburgh Steelers

RB Da'Rel Scott, Maryland

Track athlete with incredible speed. Scott would provide an element to the offense that has been missing as a blazing change of pace back. Measurables outweigh production so bust potential is high. Remember though, this is the 6th round so why not swing for the fences.
  • Others: WR D Adams, DE Z Clayton, LB M Harvey, NT F Kearse, DE K Klug
7 (232) Pittsburgh Steelers

TE/OT Lee Smith, Marshall

Smith is a cheap replacement for free agent Matt Speath. A huge prospect that may eventually be able to transition to tackle ala 4 time Super Bowl winner Larry Brown, he is clearly a better blocker right now than Spaeth. Size makes him a weapon in the short passing game despite a lack of speed and explosiveness.
  • Others: OLB U Chinasa, RB N Devine, FB H Hynoski, RB D Lewis, S D Morgan
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