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Notes from Stillers-Eagles

August 19, 2011 by Still Mill

Loose Slag....
Notes from Stillers-Eagles

- Anyone see the outrageous cheap shot on Ben's KNEES on the 1st or 2nd play last nite ??      Defender took THREE steps after the pass was released, then GOT LOWER and barreled into Ben's knees.   No flag.     Unreal.     Later, Ben was twisting away from a weak-assed grab at his ANKLES on a sack attempt, and the fastest whistle in history stopped the play.    It can't be BOTH ways, where Ben takes exorbitant punishment after the pass with no flags, but then is whistled down after a cheesy ankle grab.    Screw the NFL.  

- Redman looked quite good.   Tomlin, the dolt, MUST give Red some PT and not wear down Mendy so much.    Redman is a legit NFL back. 

- Dwyer looks like he's still 255, at least.    What a fat fuck.   

-  Warren (#30, the DB) looked capable and instinctive.   Was in on a lot of plays.    Warren is an interesting fellow.  All-Big 10 as a junior.  Came out early.  Had a round 3 grade.  Ran horribly at the combine.  Dropped out of the draft.  Got a shot as an UDFA with the Jets last year but missed too much time in camp/preseason with a concussion to make an impression.   I would think he�s in the frontrunning to make this team. 

- I hate the new KO placement at the 35.   It's nearly an automatic TB.     What we need to do, is get a "9 -iron" KO that goes high and lands at the ONE, forcing the team to return it......but it's so high that our coverage teams smother the man at the 10.    Then again, our coverage teams probably suck ass.  

- Miller is still lined up as a sidecar far too much.   Yes, the tackles are hobbled.   It�s a waste of a great pass-catching resource, however.  

- 2 more tackles went down, Jon Scott and the rookie Gilbert.   Just hyperextensions, but could be nagging injuries.     I still cannot fathom why Essex wasn't brought in for depth. 

-  Gee, the defense looked dominant in shutting down the passing of Vick and Young !!    Watch our, Tom Brady !   (sic

-  Keenan Lewis looked ok.   Perhaps he can contribute this season. 

- Sylvester continues to impress.   He, along with Worilds, should have been ample reason to not lavish Big LaMarr with $61M.  

-  Pola looked superb.   Let's hope he can remain healthy.   

- Hopefully Ryan can give us a better look next week.    Our obvious weakness is defending the PASS.    We need to defend against better passers than Michael Dick and Vince Young.  
- Jerrico Cotch !   Liked the guy with the Jets, LOVE the dude now.      He's strong as an ox, and is quick and smooth.      Very reliable.    He showed his value last nite.       A rare but savvy move by Colbert.    And to think the dumbfuck was trying to sign Jaxico.    With Sanders hobbled, Cotch becomes very critical.    We can line up 4 very capable WRs on passing downs......2 flyers, and 2 reliable veterans.     I likes it. 


A special shout out to Alice Cooper bassist and longtime follower Chuck Garric, who rocked da house last Friday evening with Alice Cooper at Stage AE in Pittsburgh (right near Heinz Field, no less.)      Chuck came out on stage with a Terrible Towel and showed his Stiller allegiance.   For the encore, Alice himself donned a James Harrison jersey and waved a Terrible Towel.   If only Roger Fucking Goodell could have been in attendance.  




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