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Dick the Dullard Finally Confronted About Playoff Abortion

September 07, 2012 by Still Mill

Dick the Dullard Finally Confronted About Playoff Abortion


Dick LeBeau, �The Supreme Deity of Defensive Football�, was finally confronted, literally 9 months after the fact, about the defensive abortion he, and he alone, managed in the playoff loss to Denver in January.


Of course, in the hours, days, weeks, and months after that defensive debacle, not a single member of the yellow, chickenshit Pittsburgh media confronted Saint Dick about the debacle.    Not one.  Never mind that Dick managed to make the worst starting QB in the conference look like a combination of Johnny Unitas, Otto Graham, and Danny Marino.    Never mind that Dick blindly and continually called for no-brained, utterly asinine schemes against Timmy Tebow, getting scalded time and time again like a toddler playing with an electric stovetop.     

Alas, Ted Douchette in the PG finally -- and I�m sure cheesily, on bended knee -- asked the Papal Deity about the abortion.  

Dick said they were in what he called "cover 9," which others have called an "inverted cover 2."   Basically, it was nine defenders crowded around the line of scrimmage to stop what they believed would be a running play on first down.   Never mind the fact that the situation was a 1st & 10 at the Bronco 20, 80 yards from the goal line, and the situation did not dictate, in any way, shape, or form, the asinine sending of NINE defenders towards the LOS at the snap of the ball.  

LeBeau was asked if the defense planned something on that play specifically because Tebow was at quarterback that they might not do against Manning.  "I doubt if we'd be in that particular defense again because the coordinator didn't call a very damn good defense,'' LeBeau said.     No shit, Sherlock !!   

Only two in the secondary defended for a possible pass, and there was no deep safety. Tebow hit Thomas on a quick slant over the middle that he turned into an 80-yard touchdown. 

"Let me tell you something," The Supreme Deity said. "Over the years I've made a lot of bad calls and I'm man enough to step up and say it and when a play ends the game, ends your season, that can't be a very good call."   Uh, shit, you dumbass!   You�ve made far more than a lot of bad calls.   

Of course, taking a page from former Pitt head coach Todd �The Fraud� Graham, Dick did not let his players off the hook, either, and casually threw them under the bus.    

"That's a big, talented wide receiver.  The thing was, we have to get the guy on the ground. You're not going to stop every pass, but you got to tackle the catch and that's something we didn't do on that play and, consequently, we're talking about 2012 now."   Sure, with a backup safety who played like 15 defensive snaps all season, and a CB hopelessly out of position in a flawed, botch-fucked scheme, against a beast of a WR who is huge, strong, AND fast.   

Just another overall example of how clueless and out of touch with reality The Supreme Lord of Defense actually is.   Just another example of a guy living on his past glories and resting on his laurels.  Sadly pathetic.    And unacceptable.  

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