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Orlandini Tears Up Knee, Out for Season

April 07, 2000 by Still Mill

Orlandini Tears Up Knee, Lost for Season

Orlandini Tears Up Knee, Lost for Season

Backup guard Tony Orlandini tore an anterior cruciate ligament in his knee during practice with NFL Europe's Scottish Claymores and will miss the entire NFL season. This is a real blow to the Stillers, who appeared to actually be using the practice squad and NFL-Europe for what they are INTENDED to do --- groom young players for future NFL employment. With Duffy and Myslinski, both somewhat oldish vets, as the only backup guards, it's entirely plausible that an OG will be drafted in round 4 or 5, as well as a low-tier FA being signed in June. The only 'good' thing about this injury (of course, nothing is good when a guy tears his ACL and his career might be done), is that it occurred well before the draft, so at least the team can try to adjust accordingly.

Speaking of the draft, I get some good feedback via email on a pretty regular basis. This one, in particular, was so amusing, I just had to re-print it here:

"If the Stillers pass on Plaxico Burress, there will be a 32" Stereo RCA color TV, with PIP, sitting on the curb the Monday after the draft, with a hole in it, for the trash guys to pick up..."

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