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Best Bets (plus two)

December 29, 2010 by Steel Haven

I'm guaranteed to finish over .500 with all my bets. And at least .500 in best bets. WooHoo.

The final week is never easy to predict. So since I don't want to think too much about it I'll keep this brief.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.0) over Cleveland Browns

I had the Packers pencilled in as my best bet. Then the Bears clinched a bye thanks to the Eagles improbable loss on Tuesday night and the line ballooned. So I'll break my rule of avoiding the Steelers in my bets. I really have nowhere else to go. The veteran Steelers understand the value of the bye. Plus their loss in Cleveland last season was the death knell to their 2009 season. Revenge just adds to the motivation.


New York Giants (-4.0) over Washington Redskins

I'll roll the dice that the Giants in epic collapse mode can regroup for consummate professional Tom Coughlin and beat a team with far inferior talent. I do have a concern that the Giants are playing at the same time as the Packers so they could become discouraged if the Packers are winning big.

New York Jets (-1.5) over Buffalo Bills

I was torn here by a pair of meaningless AFC East games. The lines are very low for the home teams going to the playoffs. I have no idea how much either will put into their respective games. Yet I expect both to win. I will go with the Jets because they need a momentum builder more than the Patriots and the Bills have not been playing well of late. Probably a mistake but I got nothing.

Last Week

Indianapolis Colts (-3.0) over Oakland Raiders WIN

Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) over Cleveland Browns WIN

Dallas Cowboys (-6.5) over Arizona Cardinals LOSS

Year to date: 25-21-2   Best bets: 8-7-1
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