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Drafting WVU WR Jerry Porter ??

March 17, 2000 by Still Mill


Could Porter Be The Man??

After seeing Plaxico Burress founder in his workouts, and seeing WVU receiver Jerry Porter shine & excel, I�m mulling over adding another Porter to the Stillers roster.

Here is a very complimentary writeup on Porter from the Brian Stephenson draft notebook:


6'2" 215 lb 4.4 40

1999 STATS: 20.7 YD/CATCH for 311 YD and 4 TD


COMMENTS: Began career at quarterback. Did not play in 1996. Moved to wide receiver in 1997 and averaged 17.3 yards/catch for 156 yards and 1 TD. Moved to free safety in 1998 and recorded 63 tackles, 5 interceptions, and 5 passes broken up. Lacked instincts for safety and returned to wide receiver midway through the 1999 season. Took bad angles and missed too many tackles. As a receiver, shows excellent size, speed, and athleticism. Displayed incredible ability in individual workout following the combine. Soft hands. Very talented and will only need time to develop as a receiver.

Tremendous potential.


Porter is the kind of receiver we NEED --- SIZE and SPEED and soft hands. We have too many SMURFS at receiver who have too little speed. Is Porter worth a 1st round pick? Right now, I doubt it. The problem is, I don't think he'll last long enough for the Stillers to grab him in Round 2.

Burress is getting dissed by everyone. Even his old coach, Nick Saban, said he is a second round talent. Some folks think Burress is another Moss. Frankly, I don�t think so; Burress is NOT Moss. Moss did not have motivational problems. Moss had off the field anger management issues.

Both Warrick and Burress had horrible individual workouts. Warrick could legitimately fall to the 4th pick and Burress into the 20s or out of the first round. In fact, the PSU defensive players BOTH ran faster 40s than Warrick and Burress. Arrington is up to 250 lbs and Brown is at 265 lbs. It also looks like the Redskins will definitely take Samuels with the 3rd pick. So much for my original pre-draft outlook that had the Stillers taking Samuels. Of course, I wasn�t wild about us taking Samuels anyway; that was merely my best guess at the time. I should be updating my NFL 1st round draft outlook soon (yes, I know, I'm moving at the speed of Jon Witmann!!).

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