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Best Bet (plus two)

September 28, 2011 by Steel Haven

As of yet I have no feel for the NFL this season as can be easily determined by looking at my record. My reasoning for passing on the Ravens last week as documented on the message board was pretty pathetic both at the time and in hindsight. Although not as pathetic as counting on Whisenhunt for my best bet. All hail the mighty Niners for keeping me from going winless.

Can I do better? I am not feeling confident. The solution? A cavalier attitude, not actually betting and pithy commentary. Or at least what I take to be pithy commentary. I loved a bunch of road teams this week. Road teams always entice me as my record would indicate. I would have been happy with the Patriots (-4.5) at Raiders, Giants (-1.5) at Cards or Vikes (-1.5) at Chiefs. I also really liked the Chargers (-7) over Dolphins at home. I just have no faith in Norv Turner.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Atlanta Falcons (-4.5) over Seattle Seahawks

It's a trap - Admiral Ackbar.

My brain hurts even thing about the desperate Falcons not obliterating the Seahawks. I don't care how far the Falcons have to travel.


New Orleans Saints (-7.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars

Drew Breesus can score from all over the field. Given the state of his team's pass defense it is often necessary. I just don't think the defensive deficiencies are going to matter much in Blaine Gabbert's second start. Even sans monsoon.

Buffalo Bills (-3.0) over Cincinnati Bengals

The Bills appear to be getting no respect with this line. I can't see how the Bengals can hang with their offense.

Last Week

Arizona Cardinals (-3.0) over Seattle Seahawks LOSS

San Fransisco 49ers (+2.5) over Cincinnati Bengals WIN

Detriot Lions (-3.5) over Minnesota Vikings LOSS

Year to Date: 3-4-2   Best Bets: 0-2-1
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