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It’s Put-Up or Shut-Up Time for Average Joe Flacco

January 21, 2012 by Palmer Sucks

It�s Put-Up or Shut-Up Time for Average Joe Flacco

Special Commentary by PalmerSucks

January 20, 2012



Average Joe Flacco, the lukewarm one, sure has had a lot to say lately. Here he is scolding the media before the Ravens played the Texans last Sunday:


�I�m sure if we win, I�ll have nothing to do with why we won according to you guys. It is what it is.�


It sure is! Joe of course responded by going out against the Texans and� having nothing to do with why the Ravens won.But c�mon bud � I�m sure they gave you plenty of credit for that epic 2-yard drive you led, off the gift muffed punt!


Of course it�s not the first time Joe�s had his outbursts; first he complained about all the attention Tim Tebow was getting, thendelivered this little speech:


�You guys want everybody to be Aaron Rodgers and be Tom Brady, but you guys do realize, those guys� [teams] don�t run the ball?�


THAT�s got to to go over well with the coaching staff in Baltimore, huh? A little cheese to go with that whine? Excuses anyone?Sure those other guys put up great numbers, but THEY�RE not handcuffed to the handoff like I am!


But wait, there�s more! Flacco piled on the critics with this little barb:


�You guys want an elite quarterback. You have to stop complaining when we go out there and throw the ball 60 times a game.��


Trouble is, Joe, we�ve seen what happens when you pass it that many times a game. In my �I TOLD you Flacco Sucks!� commentary, I detailed the disaster the Ravens enjoyed in Seattle when Flacco threw it 52 times. This was pretty much the same thing that happened in a Monday night upset loss to Jacksonville when the Ravens employed the �Franchise Flacco� strategy.


Fast-forward to this week, where Ed Reed called out Flacco for, among other things, getting rattled against the Texans. But doesn�t Ed know that this is the playoffs, otherwise known as �rattle time� for Average Joe Flacco?


In his regular-season career, Average Joe has put up these numbers: 80 TDs, 46 INTs, a YPA of 7.06 and a rating of 86. That�s decent, nothing sensational, but respectable. In a word it�s adequate, just like Flacco himself.


In the playoffs, however, Flacco�s been nothing short of putrid � here �Average Joe� becomes, well, �Stink-Ass Joe.� How bad is it? Well, let me take a quote from a Sirius Bark article called � yes, really � �Is Joe Flacco the Worst Post-Season QB of All Time?� Keep in mind it�s from 2010, but gives you an idea of how Flacco�s been for most of his playoff life:


�In five post-season games, Joe Flacco has an abysmal rating of 46.5.  He has completed 57 of 120 passes (47.5%) for 660 yards.  The Baltimore signal caller has thrown one touchdown and six interceptions.  The Ravens are 3-2 in these games.  The defense and a powerful ground game were able to mask a horrific 4-10, 34 yard, 1 INT performance vs. the New England Patriots in January.�


Move over, Tebow, let Joey take over! The QB rating practically drops in half � we�re talking some serious stinkage here. And the playoff YPA? I know running backs with higher per-carry averages! The Ravens, of course, have failed to reach the Super Bowl with Flacco at QB � they�d probably have made it if they�d even gotten an average performance out of Average Joe.


For the record, Flacco�s up-to-date playoff numbers don�t improve much:

53% completion rate��� 6 TDs7 INTs�� 5.81 YPA��� 66.2 Rating


So you can understand Reed�s frustration with Flacco. Suggs may defend him in public, but as I�ve said before, that�s in public � what goes on behind the locker-room doors is another matter entirely. (By the way, Suggs should be grateful for Flacco�s performance Sunday, as it took the spotlight off Sizzle�s own disappearing act. Defending Flacco on ESPN is the least he can do.)


Now, I understand Reed doing damage control after the fact, and claiming he was just saying this stuff to light a fire under Flacco. I believe him even � it�s just only part of the truth.


I think Reed�s simply holding Flacco to a higher standard re: his playoff performances, because, after all, if your goal is to win a ring, your worth as a player is weighted toward the post-season. (Just ask the voters who put Lynn Swann in the Hall of Fame.)Reed�s motivating, but he�s also expressing a viewpoint that�s probably shared by most of the Ravens� defensive players � and it�s not a good viewpoint at all.


Put it another way: down deep Reed probably realizes that if the Ravens had faced Matt Schaub instead of T.J. (stands for �Turnover Juice,� which is what he must�ve been drinking before the game) Yates, he and Ray-Ray would be out golfing this week. I know I judge a player more on his playoff performance than regular-season � which is why, to me, Joe Flacco has been Joe Floppo. No matter how Ravens fans want to spin it.


Anyway, the pressure�s now on Flacco as it never has been before � in fact I think he�s now at a career crossroads. Guys like Reed and Ray Lewis are beyond the point of being up in age � the window�s about closed. Should the Ravens lose Sunday, they�ll all be saying what Woodley did last summer: namely, that the Ravens will never get to the Super Bowl in his lifetime � and they sure won�t ever get there with Flacco as their quarterback.


Now, I make no secret of my disgust and hatred of�Ravens� football,� which is how they explain how the team can be leading 17-3 while the QB has gone 4-for-12 for 80 yards. As much as I hate New England, the thought of Flacco riding to the Bowl on the backs of Ray Rice and the defense makes me want to vomit. And frankly, I�d find it totally entertaining to hear the Baltimorons whine yet again about Average Joe, the playoff choker. (Palmer�s note: Sunday�s game is actually a no-win situation: one of the game�s two greatest free-riders will be going to the Super Bowl, either Flacco or Chad �I Couldn�t Get it Done in Cincy� Ochostinko.)


However, even the worst can reverse � witness Alex Smith and his see-saw win over New Orleans. Formerly called �Alice� by 49ers fans, he�s now the toast of the town. Flacco now has his own chance to shut up guys like me, and the table is set � he�ll face the lowly New England defense. If there�s a group to pad your stats against, this is it. There are no more excuses to be made. The 12-for-26, 150-yard specials won�t cut it any more�and no more depending on those freak Rice 51-yard TDs to bail you out, either.


It�s up to you, now Average Stink-Ass Joe � it�s time to put up, or shut up, for good.




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