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Stillers-Raidas Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 09, 2018 by Still Mill

Raidas 24, Stillers 21….Dec 9, 2018………Game # 13


Stillers-Raidas Postgame Analysis and Grades


As they always do, the Stillers slopped their way around out in Oakland vs. the lowly 2-10 Raiders.     Sure as shit, they pissed away a late 4Q lead, and a last-second tying-FG was blocked when the FG kicker, Boswell, became the 39th Stillers to slip on the bone-dry grass during the game, causing a 3-foot high FG that was blocked. 




QB:   Ben was fairly effective when he played.  WHEN he played.   He apparently got nicked up in the 2Q, but COMPLETED the half by hitting Ju just before halftime.    But, The Drama Queen stood on the sidelines the first 25 min of the 2H, and then entered the game with just 5 minutes left.   If the sorry-ass was able to enter then, WHY couldn’t he have entered at ANY point sooner ??    Fuking pathetic.  


Dobbs - not surprisingly, was a bit off.    Completed 4 of 9.  




Conner – did not dress.


Ridley –  saw some sparse PT.   Had 5 rushes for 4 yards in a drab effort.   He did manage a 1-yard TD plunge. 


Samuels - got most of the RB PT.   Had 11 rushes for 28 yards, and 7 grabs for 64.  He was much, much more effective as a receiver.   As a RB, he clearly lacks the explosiveness and extra gear that is required in the NFL, as well as the instincts.      B-



Nix – had some solid lead blocks. 



Brownie – a bland day, with 5 grabs for 35.    C+ 


Heyward-Gay – no use on O. 


Switzer – had 1 grab for 1 yard, on play in which he should have scored, but he slipped for the 4th time of the game.   


JuJu – led the way with 8 grabs for 130, and 2 clutch TDs.    He also had a stellar RAC on a hook n ladder to set up the game-tying FG with just 5 secs left.    A+ 


Wash - Had 2 grabs for 11.     Did make an adroit pitch to Ju late in the game on the hook n ladder play. 



Jesse James – had just 2 grabs for 28.   Had a costly holding flag in the 3Q on 2nd and ONE, which simply cannot happen. 


Grimble - small amount of work.  


McDonald - had 4 grabs for 37.  


OL:  Overall, I wasn’t all that pleased with this vaunted O-line that knew it needed to get some push with Conner out, and then with Ben out.    Instead, they mostly waddld their fat asses around against a weak-assed OAK defense.      Fat Ramon Foster was completely piss-poor on the 2Q sack, which not only injured Ben, but also pushed the FG try back 7 yards, which Pis Bowell missed.    D 



Heyward – surprisingly, had a decent game.   B+


Tuitt – holy mackerel, a Stephonie Tuitt sighting!!  Had only 2 solos, including a Dong sack.


Hargrave - Had a couple stuffs in the run game. 



Vinnie – had a subpar game.   ONE solo all game, for a guy who plays 98% of the snaps.     D


Bostic - Played sparingly, and poorly. 


Fort - got a ton of PT, and did little.   Got torched time and time again in pass defense.


Chickillo - some PT, but no impact at’all.     


Watt – Had another solid game, with 2 solos, and some vivid block-takeon’s that set the edge and enabled the D to make the stop.  Also had a batted pass. 


Crud Dupree – Mostly did nothing, with 2 solos all game long, including a Dong sack when the rookie LT whiffed, and Carr held the ball 4 time longer than the play called for.   




Haden – mostly a decent game.   Failed to bust up a slant to Nelson late in the game.


Burns – sat. 


Davis – once again, never around an aerial football. 


Hilton – slipped, like 39 of his teammates did during the day, on the GW TD.  


Senselessbaugh - played ok.


Edmunds - offered almost nothing in the pass defense.  


Burnett - spent most of the day being Cook’s personal little bitch.   Got abused on the deep ball that set up the GW TD.    Pretty much a POS.     D 


Spec teams:  

Jordan Berry –   surprisingly punted ok today.    Was stunned.


Boswell – missed a 39-yard FG in the 1H, which is no surprise.   Then, with the chance to tie the game at the buzzer, this sorry POS  OVER-STEPS and slips with his plant foot on a simple, bland 40-yard FG, which caused a 3-foot high kick that was obviously blocked.     F   


OC:  Randy Sphincter probably gets a pass here, due to the absence of Conner and then the loss of Ben during the game. 



Keith Assler once AGAIN pissed away a 4Q lead, which surely is the 19th of his tenure.   He allowed Oak to drive, easy as PIE, 78 yards for a 4Q TD.   Then, after Ben directs the late TD drive, Assler AGAIN allows a cake-easy TD drive, with OAK marching 75 yards with all the carefree meandering of a toddler strolling alongside a river on a lazy Sunday afternoon.   OAK was starting TWO rookie tackles.    Just prior to the game-winning TD, TWO Raider O-linemen were limping due to injury.   What does Assler do?  Why, ZERO blitz pressure, which allows Carr EONS of unfettered time in the pocket to find his FOURTH option on the play.    F 


HC:  Mike Dumblin oversaw another shitfest out in OAK.   You could see, just like the game-opening 90 yard TD run allowed in OAK a few years ago, the entire team completely UNPREPAPRED and completely not ready to play football.    How else would you explain that opening march by Oak, in which they ripped off huge chunks of yards on EVERY play for a cake-easy 74-yard TD march.     Supposedly fighting for a playoff spot, this diarrhea-soft team allowed a shit-licking 2-10 team to march right down the field on the opening possession, this after the team elected to DEFER to the 2H after winning the coin flip. 


I was also enraged by the clear and continual slipping by Asslin’s players the entire game, on BONE DRY grass.  Ryan Shitzer did it on the early KO return, then did it on a punt return, then did it on a play near the GL that should have been a TD.   The trainers actually hauled out suitcases full of alternative cleats, yet these sorry stupid-fuks never changed their cleats.     And then, the game gets lost in the final seconds when a stupid-fuk FG kicker, on a BONE DRY field, slips like a clumsy buttfuker and the tying FG is obviously no good.    This attention to details falls on the shoulder of the HEAD COACH, and Mike Asslin failed miserably today.   


Lastly, if Shitlessberger was healthy enough to enter the game with 5 min left, WHY couldn’t he have entered with 10 min left?   15 min left?   20 min left?     It’s not like he was bleeding and the rules prevented his re-entrance.   It fuking made no sense.    Said Asslin on not bringing Ben back in: "Ben probably could've come in a series or two sooner, but we were in the rhythm and flow of the game." Steelers 2nd half results before Roethlisberger returned: Punt, Downs, INT, Punt.     Sure, some fuking rhythm !!    Brilliant !!    F


Synopsis:  A shit loss against a shit team, admittedly a Stiller team that is a shit team.   Shoddy preparation all around, and then shit execution by a dogshit defense.      Losses to NE and NO, which are highly likely with this shitty-assed defense, will leave this team at 7-7-1 going into the finale.    Very piss poor.  



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