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Chowd’heads Panic Over Big Ben in the Bowl

January 29, 2011 by Palmer Sucks

Chowd�heads in a Panic Over Big Ben�s Success

Chowd�heads Panic Over Big Ben in the Bowl

By PalmerSucks

Special Commentary

January 28, 2011


Just when you thought the Stillers getting to the Big Dance couldn�t be sweeter, here come the New England crybabies to make it even better!


Someone named �Gerry Callahan� had this to say in Tuesday�s Boston Herald:

�It�s up to the Green Bay Packers now, our Packers, America�s team. They are the last best hope for good and decent football fans everywhere. Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and the rest of the Pack are all that stand between Ben Roethlisberger and his nauseating return to polite society.

It seems to be a familiar question when Roethlisberger is in the room, but we must ask again: Could someone please stop this man?�


For more laughs, you can read the rest of this trash at

Basically he rags on Ben for everything from having a good team around him, to his low passer rating in the championship game. He even suggests the Stillers might be just as well off with Charlie Batch at QB. I�m surprised he didn�t blame Ben for the cold front that hit Pittsburgh last weekend, and any cases of frostbite that might�ve happened.


By the way, the title of this steaming dump is �Ben Roethlisberger�s a zero, not a hero.� You stay classy, Boston.


Yes, the chowderhead Patsie fan base is all in a tizzy over having to watch the Stillers in the Bowl again. I think I have a suspicion as to why. This from the always insightful guys at Cold Hard Football Facts:


�Big Ben has officially replaced Tom Brady as the playoff winner of this QB generation. Was Roethlisberger great? Nope. He was better than his shoddy stat line (10 of 19 for 133 yards and two picks), but he had his struggles.


What he did, though, for the 10th time in 12 playoff games, was win the game � and win with more than just a defense. The Steelers have never scored fewer than 20 points in a Roethlisberger playoff start, which is a pretty remarkable number. Patriots and Colts fans certainly wish they could say the same in recent years.


In Big Ben's two losses, the Steelers averaged 28 points: a 41-27 loss in the 2004 AFC title game to the dynastic Patriots in his rookie year, and a 31-29 loss to the Jaguars in the 2007 playoffs, after a down year for Pittsburgh. 


His ability to hold up under pressure and make big third down plays (the Steelers were 6 of 11) goes past the box score, and another Super Bowl win.�,_Jets_19:_Ten_things_we_learned.html


Not surprisingly, Callahan�s hit piece worked in a ham-fisted plug for Brady, claiming that if Tommy were playing for the Stillers, they�d be huge favorites over the Packers. Hate to break it to you, Gerry, but if Brady had to put up with the patchwork excuse the Stillers call an o-line, I doubt he�d even reach the playoffs.


But hey, now that Justin Jr. is yesterday�s champion, I guess we�ll have to pardon Gerry for crying in his chowder. They still like to pretend they�re the top team there in N�England, ey-yah, but the fact is, the Patsies haven�t won a ring since Bush was president. Brady is a perfectly mediocre 5-5 his last 10 playoff games. The Golden Boy is no longer golden: a couple of one-and-dones in the playoffs will tend to do that to you.


Should the Stillers take this Super Bowl, that�ll be three rings for Ben, tying him all-time with you-know-who. No wonder they�re crapping their drawers up there in Boston. Big Ben the new top dog? Panic time!


Gerry, by the way, is part of the vaunted �Dennis and Callahan� duo, spewing their stupidity from WEEI in Boston, the country�s shrillest sports-talk radio station. Not so coincidentally, they recently interviewed Pittsburgh talk-radio personality Mark Madden. The topic of discussion: defending Ben Roethlisberger. Can you say �obsessed�?


As you know I�ve documented the Patsies� own scandals, from Spygate to Bridget-gate to Belichick�s home-wrecking escapades. Imagine a Boston sportswriter playing the morality card? Oh that�s rich!


Here�s a little piece of reality for Mr. Callahan: for the first time all year,against the Jets, Tommy Brady didn�t get time to have a sandwich back there. He folded like a cheap pup tent under the pressure. Ben�s overall numbers against the Jets weren�t great, but when it counted at the end, he made the game�s two biggest passes.


That�s why the Stillers will be playing in the Super Bowl while the Patsies are busy farting into their couches.


Anyway, thought I�d give you some entertainment in the down week before the Bowl. As if the Stillers climbing the Stairway to Seven isn�t a glorious enough thought, now we have this: Gerry Callahan choking on his own bile as he watches Big Ben raise yet another Lombardi.




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