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Stillers - Jackers Postgame Analysis and Grades

October 03, 2021 by Still Mill

Jackers 27, Stillers 17.....Oct 3, 2020 ………Game # 4


Stillers - Jackers Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers moseyed up to Wisconsin to face the Cheezeheads.   The Stillers had an ultra-rare first-drive TD, but then got scalded by the Jacker offense, and quickly were down 14-7.   At the half, GB led 17-10.  GB soon bulged that lead to 17 points in the 3Q, while the Stillers pissed away one opportunity after another to creep back into the game.   The Stillers tacked on a fairly meaningless TD with 4 minutes left in the game, then chose to kick deep rather than at least try an onsides KO, thereby quitting and waving the white flag of surrender.




QB:   Ben had yet another spotty game, misfiring all over and showing constant indecisiveness and tentativeness.


A rarity – Ben hit Dionte downtown for a TD, and a first-drive TD no less.


Poor, low pass to Dionte, 1Q.  Hideous misfire to a WIDE open Schuster on a 7 yard crosser, 3rd drive.   The very next play, on 3D, Ben got STRIPPED of the ball by a lineman flicking at the ball as he rushed by.   A sorry turnover by a sorry QB.  Four plays later, the Jackers scored a TD to take the lead.    


Threw just a bit too high on a sluggo to Schuster, mid 2Q, which should have been a TD.   2 plays later, he threw a HIDEOUS out pass to Wash that was 7 feet too high for the WR.   Just a rottenly horrendous pass.


Had Schuster WIDE open on a skinny post, mid 3Q, but misfied 7 feet over his head on a play that would have either been a huge gainer, or a TD. 


Took a foolish sack, pumping the ball incessantly, at 11:00 4Q.   3 plays later, on 4th and 5, Shoitlesberger throws a ONE yard pass to Schuster that gained 2 or 3.   Brilliant !   


Shoitlesberger capped off the awful game with an INT at 1:45 4Q.    What a pilo dung.  Midway through the 4th quarter, CBS put up a graphic that showed, on throws over 10 yards, Ben was 2 of 7 for 56 yards. Under 10, he was 17-23 for 112. He made ONE half-decent throw on the touchdown. Otherwise, he spent the day tossing 5 yard dumps and missing Ju Ju on what should have been touchdowns.  D- 




Harris  –  Superb 2d and 3d effort on a dumpoff, mid 3Q, turning a 3 yard gain into 7 yards and a 1st down.  Good vault & reach for a 1-yard plunge TD, late 4Q.  Had 15 rushes for 62 yards (4.1 avg.) and 6 grabs for only 29.    B


Snell –  dropped a dumpoff, 3Q.   Of course, this was the very first pass he’d been targeted with the entire season.   


Ballage – saw some rare snaps, but never touched the pig. 


FB:    Watt seldomly, if ever, played at FB.        



JuJu –  Was WIDE open on 2 downfield passes, one of which was a sure TD and the other was a likely TD.   Finished with 2 grabs for 11 yards, and is surely regretting his decision to re-sign with the Stillers.    B-


Wash -  good RAC on short grab, gaining 17, mid 2Q.  Good grab for 30 yards, 5:00 4Q.  Had 4 grabs for 69, which ain’t shabby, especially in this offense.    A


Dionte -  hauled in the early 45-yard TD.   On 3d & 4, first play of 4Q, he grabbed a short slant, and juked.  He then HAD THREE YARDS, but like a jackass, ran BACKWARDS and was tackled, ultimately for no gain.  Fuking brilliant !!    Then, on 4th & 4, he was whistled for a false start, forcing a 4th & 9 in which the team chose to punt.  So, you have a WR humping the dog on TWO plays in a row, forcing a punt in a 17-point game in the 4Q.   9 grabs for 92 doesn’t eradicate the incredibly stupid, selfish boners he committed.    C- 


Claypool –  did not dress, due to a ham, the seemingly 27th man-game lost this season due to soft tissue injury. 


GayRay McCloud – saw some spot duty, and had 1 grab for 2 yards. 



Ebron – grabbed a short pass to convert a 3d & 2, mid 2Q.  Otherwise, did nothing. 


Pat FryBoy – snared 1 pass for 11 yards.   Was never even considered on the 3rd and 4th down passing failures.


Gentry – grabbed 1 pass for 10.  


OL:  Overall, the line run-blocked decently well; the best this season.   Of course, Canada and Ben had ZERO interest in running the ball, and quickly panicked the minute they went down 14-7.   


Why is Fat Trai Turner wearing roller skates as he gets WHEELED back into the QB ??


Moore was whistled for a blatant hold on a play where Harris churned and ground for 7 yards.  Had some issues backing up TOO FAR near his QB, which allowed the rusher to harass without doing much of anything.  


Overall line:    C



Heyward – The $65M Man did very, very little in the 1H.  Had only 1 solo going into halftime.   Got injured on a 3d & 1 plunge, early 3Q, but quickly returned.  Had 5 solos, which is practically a career game for this overpaid stiff.    C+


Tuitt – another vaunted DE who again sat out due to injury.    


Wormley – chipped in a little.  


Lowermilk, Mondeaux, Buggs, et al:   Did little




Bush – After rolling The Donut last week with ZERO solos, Bush had nowhere to go but up.   Another miracle !   Devin Bush gets a solo tackle.... coming in untouched for the Dong Sack of Rodgers, 1Q.   Got injured, late 2Q. 

Was NOWHERE to be found, drifting into NO MAN’s LAND, on the 25-yard run UP THE GUT down to the PIT 1 yard line.    A shit play by a shit LB.  Had 5 solos, which included the Dong Sack.      C+


Schobert – good bust-up of EZ pass to Jones, late 2Q. 


Watt – did NOTHING the entire 1H.   Flagged for roughing the asser on the long dumpoff, first series of 3Q.  Two plays later, he TRIPPED the QB (with his foot) on a middle scramble, and was initially flagged, but the flag was picked up.   Recovered a fumble, late 3Q. 


Of his piddly 3 solos, Sitter Watt has 2 sacks today -- one when he deliberately used his foot & TRIPPED the QB; and the other when the QB went DOWN intentionally late in the game to keep the clock running.   What a dominant force The Sitter is.  All of this, for the largest salary of any defender in the NFL.    D+ 


Highsmith – stellar play to SHED the block and then blister the RB on a power pitch, 1Q.   Had 2 solos and 3 As.  C


Spillane – No work on D.          


Mel Ingram – rushed Rodgers into an errant pass just before the 2MW, 2Q.   Got victimized in coverage several times, which again BEGS the question why he is ever in coverage more than 1 or 2 plays per game?    Just stone stupid by the coaching staff.




Haden – got abused by Adams on a 0-step hitch, 3Q.    Got juked out of his jock strap.  Was beaten on a 4Q deep lob, but at least had the presence of mind to knock the ball away as it arrived.    B-


Cam Button -  good pass bust-up, late 2Q.  (Ball perhaps should’ve been caught.)  Got abused by Cobb on 3d & 7, early 2Q, good for 24 yards or so.    B-


Edmunds - Surprise !  Edmunds got abused and humiliated by Cobb on a crossing route for a TD.  Got torched.  Badly.    Had 6 solos; mostly slop stops.      C+ 


Minkah -  dropped a fairly easy INT, late 1Q, as the ball slipped through BOTH hands.   About 9 plays later, GB scored the tying TD.    C


Pierre – got abused on a 3d & 8 out pattern, late 4Q, for a 1D that pretty much sealed the game.  


Maulet – moved as slow as whale manure on a dumpoff, late 1Q.   Flashed in and dropped Jones for a 2-yard loss, 2Q.  


Spec teams:  

Harvin– boomed a 3Q punt all of TWENTY yards.   What a pilo shoit.   I’ve pretty much seen enough.    D-


Boswell – 1 for 1 on FGs.   Clanged in a 52-yard FG off the upright in the 2Q, trimming the lead to 4. 


RayRay – Had a couple okay KO returns.   


Minkah blocked a late 2Q FG, and then scooped up the ball and ran it some 75 yards for a TD.   However, Haden was flagged for being offsides, nullifying the big score.  What annoys me, is that the junior varsity camera and production crew NEVER showed the “line of scrimmage angle” of this play, so we can’t know if Haden was lined up offsides or not.    The replays that were shown, showed that he did not move UNTIL the ball was snapped.   It’s possible the Stillers got fuked on this play, which was a 10 point swing.  


Snell was flagged for holding on a KO return, 9:26 3Q. 


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw another grab-bagged effort.   The running game was working in limited use in the 1H, but rarely ever were successive runs called.   


2nd series, they took over at their own 4.   After a nice 5-yard run on 1D, Canda called a pass play, because you can’t run the ball on successive plays.   Two incompletes later, and the team had to punt.


4th & 4, after a timeout, down SEVENTEEN deep into the 3Q, and Canada calls ANOTHER faggot-fuk FLARE pass, BEHIND the LOS, to Harris, good for MINUS-1 yard.   Fuking brilliant !!


It’s highly apparent Canada is way over his head in this job.    C- 



Keith Assler struggled like a bitch after the first GB series, getting scorched and steamrolled as GB marched up and down the field.   His vaunted defense produced just one turnover; that on a fluky fumble. 


Assler, the dunce that he is, keeps insisting on DROPPING Mel Ingram into coverage, when Ingram’s one and only value (much like Kevin Greene) is rushing the QB.   I’d much rather have Ingram rushing the QB on 3d and 7, than some stiff like Lowdermilk, Mondeux, or Wormley.  


The run defense remains entirely soft n’ cheezy.   The two GB RBs ran the ball 30 times, for a healthy 4.3 yards per carry.   You can’t win at this level with softee run defense AND a porous secondary, along with a sporadic rush that only rarely harasses QBs.      C-  


HC:  Mike Asslin oversaw a softee defense that pretty much had all its starters and got gashed all over the field.       


Down 10 with only 4 minutes left in the game, I despised the decision to kick deep after the Harris TD.  Fuking despised it.    Asslin’s clumsy defense finally forced a punt, but not after over TWO MINUTES of scarce time had been salted off the clock.   The Stillers got the ball back with only 1:51 remaining, down TEN.   Fuking brilliant !  Waving the white flag a surrender like THAT was an entirely chickenshoit move by an entirely chickenshoit coach.  F


Synopsis:  The team is now reeling at 1-3, with a grisly 3-game losing streak and holes and wars galore.   Sure, it’s a 17-game season as opposed to 16 games, but this is an ass-hideous start that all too much resembles the 2014 season.    Looks like Mike Asslin is going to receive the wrong end of a drubbing throughout this season. 


** Note – I’ll be there in-person at Heinz Field for the Donco game next week, so I probably won’t be able to hammer out a post-game report.    I’ll try if I have time.  



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