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Worst Bet (plus two)

November 30, 2011 by Steel Haven

Back to .500 overall. My best bet losing streak is at five. I am the Mike Shanahan of picking games. Of course Shanahan's streak ended at five with me mercifully picking against him. I would have better luck if I threw a dart blindfolded at a wall emblazoned with team logos and took whoever I hit. If only Paul the octopus was alive.

I�m picking all road teams this week with lines of a field goal or less including a pair of underdogs I thought would be favorites. This is not meant to be a trend. These games just jumped out at me.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Tennessee Titans (+1.5) over Buffalo Bills

Chris Johnson finally appears to have rounded into form. The Bills are in free fall.


New York Jets (-3.0) over Washington Redskins

A bad game by the Seahawks won't cause me to change my opinion of the Redskins.

Denver Broncos (+1) over Minnesota Vikings

Tebow! I've turned to the dark side.

Last Week

Seattle Seahawks (-4.0) over Washington Redskins LOSS

New England Patriots (-3.0) over Philadelphia Eagles WIN

Houston Texans (-3.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars WIN

Year to Date: 17-17-2   Best Bets: 2-9-1
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