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Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 07, 2011 by Still Mill

Stillers 25, Ravens ��� Nov 6, 2011
Ravens 23, Stillers 20 ��. Nov 6, 2011 ����Game # 9


Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers and Purple Woodpeckers staged another slugfest.�� The Stillers came from behind and took the lead, 20-16.�� With only 2:24 remaining, the PoeBirds took over at their own 8 yard line.Unfortunately, they had the vaunted Stiller defense right where they wanted.The Ravens waltzed down the field, barely fettered.�� They dropped a cake-easy TD pass with about 20 secs remaining, but 2 plays later, Torrey Smith hauled in the game-winning TD pass with only 8 secs remaining, resulting in an exasperating, bitter-tasting loss.��� Due to the late nature of this game, this report will be a bit more succinct.��




QB:Benji had a fairly horrible 1st half, going thru spurts of scattershot and tentativeness.��� ��On 2d & 1 on the 1st series, he threw a near INT on dumbassed, no-brained floater in flat.��� We then failed to convert 3d & 1, and had to punt.��


Ben threw a clutch pass, 3d & 6 to Brown, mid 2Q for 20 yards, under a heavy blitz.�� But a slow, timid pass on 3d & 10 was batted away, mid 2Q.�� A decisive pass moves the chains.����� McClain shoulda had INT, but pass deflect off hands to Cotchery for reception deep in Balt territory.�� This was followed by a blatant force into forest of defenders, 2d & G.����� Ben finished 7 of 15 in 1H.�� ��

They went NH (no huddle in the 2H.�� Ben had a fine march to start the 3Q, but then threw a stupid fuk INT on 1stdownon BALT 14-yard line, on a WR screen.Ben somehow failed to see big, huge Terrell Suggs standing directly in the path of the pass.���


Ben came alive in the 4Q.�� He had a good 3d & 5 scramble, early 4Q, for a near TD.�� He then had a superb scramble on 3d & 5, tossing a 25-yard TD to Wally at 4:59 4Q to give the team the lead, 20-16.��� Ben may have been passing to Brown, but Wally cut in front as ball arrived and snared the TD.�� ��Ben finished 20 of 37 for 330, but the moronic INT to Suggs really, really hurt in a game this close.��� B


RB:Socrates Mendenhall had an ok game, gaining 52 yards on only 13 carries.�� He had a good run to start game 9 yards.�� But on 3d & 1, Mendy, like the dimwitted dumfuk that he is, runs RIGHT INTO the LONE tackler, rather than trying to ELUDE the man and make something -- anything -- happen.����� He lost 2 yards, and we punted.�� He had a good run up the gut for 8 yards, 4:40 2Q, then good 2 yard plunge to set up easy 3d & inches.���� He also had a good 10 yard run, late 3Q, after he busted a tackle by Suggs in BF.�� Mendy had a good blitz pickup of Lewis on the long play by Miller, late 3Q.���� But on a run 6:50 4Q, he again ran directly into Miller and the defender for no gain.��� For chrissakes, try to ELUDE someone instead of just blandly plunging directly in the lone defender.���


Redman had only 3 carries and 1 grab.He had a nice delay run in the 3Q, 4 yds.��


Moore was never involved, until the fateful, pile of shit out-pass late in the game that fell inc on 3d & 5 at the Balt 29, which would have salted away most of the clock had we made a 1st down.������� B- ��


FB: Not used much.�� Good lead block by David Johnson on Jameel McClain on Mendy�s 1-yard TD run, early 4Q.�� ���Inc.���


WR:Ward didn�t start, but played.�� In the 2Q, he grabbed a 3d & 7 crosser, then got hit hard by Lewis on a helmet-to -helmet for 6 yds.���� Ward hobbled off field, and to add insult to injury, Balt challenge and the catch was absurdly over-ruled.�� Ward never returned.��


Wally was fairly quiet and had a mediocre evening.��� He had a lame, shit block on 3d & 1 in the 1st series, with Mendy getting stuffed for loss.���� There was a deep lob to Wally in the 2Q that appeared to be dropped along the sideline, although they failed to show a reverse-angle replay.It was hard to tell if DB ripped it away.�� Wally had a dumbassed false start late in the 3Q.�� He caught the late TD pass, although that was hardly anything special.��


Brown had yet another stellar game, grabbing 5 passes for a team-high 109 yards.�� He grabbed a throwback pass for 32 yards, late 1Q.����� Ultra-clutch grab, 3d & 17, low pass, just above turf, late 3Q.���� Nice pluck , deep crosser, 1st play after fumble recovery.���Regardless if Ward is 100% healthy, Brown must start every game from here out.��


Yancey Cotchery was pressed into much greater PT due to Ward and Sanders being unavailable.�� He had a clutch grab off deflection by LB, for 17 yards, late 2Q.���� Nice grab off deflected pass in the 4Q !����� Then, a clutch, 3d & 4 curl for 14 yards late in the 4Q.���


Sanders attended the game after attending his mom� funeral this week, but did not dress.����Brown:A+��� All others:B��


TE:Miller had another big game, grabbing 5 for 73.�� He had a big grab, 2d series, 1st play, 15 yds.���� Big grab and run, 1st series 2H, 13 yds.��� He had a clutch grab, huge RAC, busted 2 tackles for 30 yards.��


David Johnson was tossed aside by Redding on a 2Q running play, Mendy crushed after 1 yard.����� Big RAC by Johnson, 2d & 10, rumbled and busted tackles for 25 yards.��� Like a goat, he dropped an easy swing pass, 4:24 4Q, which stopped the clock.������� Miller:A��� Johnson:C+�� ���


OL:�� The line played well in the face of the ferocious Raven defense.��� They allowed only 1 sack in 1H (Gilbert tooled by Kreuger) and Ben basically �accepted� it on 3D for chippie FG late in the 2Q.��� That was the lone sack, and Ben was very rarely hit.���


Starks swallowed Suggs and whoever else pass rushed against him.�� He was flagged for a bullshit holding call on a ground play in the 3Q.�� This was the only penalty the OL committed.�� Pouncey and his guards Kemo and Foster just ate up Hloti Ngata, who for once was a total non-factor in this game.��


All in all, a very, very acceptable nite at the office.��� A


DL:��� Just like the last meeting, the D-line got gashed on the 1st play from scrimmage, allowing a 76-yard TD run by Rice that was called back due to a ticky-tack holding call by Smith on Gay.��� Fat Hampton got blown off the ball, and Keisel rabidly over-pursued like an ass-mongrel.���


Keisel made a good stop of Dickie, 2d series. ��Keisel whiffed on Rice TD run, 4:27 3Q.������ On 3d & 3 in the 3Q, Keisel was hopelessly in coverage on Rice, and basically just gave up and dove -- from about 9 feet away -- as Rice sped away for 12 yards.Can�t blame Keisel on this, of course....blame the dumbfuk def coordinator.�� He busted up a pass to Rice, late 4Q, on a mid dump.Pretty much smothered Rice.��

Hampton made a stuff in BF, 3d series, ��-1.������


Good hustle by Hood, WR screen to Rice, 3d series.�� Woulda been a whole lot more had he not made it.��Terrific hustle play.���


McClendon stopped a run, 3 yards, 4Q.��������B+��


LB:Harrison returned to duty and was a manster -- half man, half monster.�� He personally pillaged and plundered the Raven offense.�� He stuffed Rice, 2nd series, no gain.�� Harrison applied hit in BF, NG, to force FG try, mid 2Q.He got a coverage sack, early 4Q.����� he then created the rarest of events -- a Steeler forced turnover -- on a strip sack at 7:48 4Q.�� (Unlike Big LaMarr, Harrison forces fumbles.)�� He vaulted over the blocker (Rice), and forced a TA late 4Q.�� Harrison led the team with 8 solos and did everything he could to win this game.�� ����


Larry Timmons moved back to ILB.��� He had a stuff of Rice, 3d series.��� That was about it.It�s incredulous how an ILB who never leaves the field can finish the game with 1 solo and 3 As.��


Larry Slow-a-Foote had a mostly solid game in the run stuffing dept.�� He was nowhere to be found on the 76-yrad TD jaunt that was luckily called back.�� He had a big stop on 2d & goal, 1st series.���� He then had a blatant over-run of Rice on the TD run, 4:27 3Q.���� Good stop of Rice, early 4Q, no gain.....shrugged off lead block by FB.���� Batted pass while in pass defense, 3d & 1, late 4Q.��


Worilds started at LOLB in place of the injured Big LaMarr Woddley.��� ���He was far too slow in coverage on Dickie Williams on 3d & 2 on the opening drive, allowing an 11-yard gain.�� I just realized, having not seen Worilds play inweeks due to his pansie injury, that this man somehow managed to put on well over 20 pounds since his rookie season last year.�� Utterly incredible, and utterly foolish.��� The speed and quickness this guy had, is now gone.�� He�s another Big LaMarr -- slow, hulking, plodding, and with all the mobility of an overloaded grocery cart.��� On the very next play, he did deliver a punishing hit on Rice on a 2-yard gut run.��� He had a tackle of Rice on a draw play, 2nd series, 5 yards.��� Woridls got hand on Flacco on Harrison sack, late 2Q.��� Quick -- Colbert should sign this guy for at least a $30-million contract extension !��� He got a hand on the QB !!��


Taunto Farrior and Big LaMarr did not dress due to injury.������� Harrison:A+���� Foote: A-����� All others:B-��


DB:Ike had a decent night before falling apart on the final drive.�� He was beaten by Boldin on the 1st drive, on 3d & 7, when he failed to get a good jam at the LOS.�� He had a good tackle on WR screen, 9:50 3Q, 2 yds.����� He was flagged for PI on a deep lob in the 3Q, when he failed to get a good jam at the LOS and then was flailing badly.�� Ike was beaten by Smith on a stop n� go for TD with 42 secs remaining, but the rookie dropped the pass in the EZ.���� In that situation, WHY would you even bite on the stop route??�� Ike was then beaten by Boldin on the next play, 3d & 8, out pass for 11 yards.��� He then had good coverage on deep lob to Lee, inc.��


Pola had a solid night.No splash plays, but he did created havoc in the ground game.�� He slashed in and eluded FB, made a stop in BF, NG, in the 2Q.������


After a few solid weeks of play. Gay came back down to earth with the kind of ass-clumsy coverage that we have come to know and despise.


������ He and Clark were tooled by Pitta on the 1st drive, for 23 yards.He was beaten deep on the 2nd series, but Smith dropped the ball, and got away with a hold of the jersey.��� Gay had a rare break-up of a pass, 3d & 5, 2d series.��� Coulda been INT, but clanged off his mitts.���� Gay had a good tackle on WR screen, 3Q, NG.��� He then had a huge, key fumble recovery after the Harrison strip sack.�� The late, fateful series was just dreadful, as the Ravens picked on Gay like the weak, skinny 3rd grader on the school playground.�� He was beaten on 4th &� 1 by Boldin, then badly tooled by Boldin on a deep in at 11 that was dropped.�� Gay was beaten deep (really stupid, given only 14 tics left ina 4-point game) and then flagged for PI on the game-winning TD, which obviously was declined.�� Yes, Gay was nudged off by Torrey Smith as the ball was arriving, which happens in about 68% of all pass plays in the NFL.�� This play shows you just how ridiculous the OPI flag on Seattle�s Daryl Jackson was in the 1Q of Super Bowl 40.


Ryan Clark had his usual dogshit game.He delivered a needless helmet-first big hit, late 2Q, for a 15-yard flag.�� Ha had shit coverage on Rice , 14 yards, with about 4 extra RAC yards, to set up the 50 yard FG as the half expired.���� On the game-winning TD pass, he took an assaholic, incredibly sophmoric ANGLE on the ball.As usual, Clark wasn�t looking to make a PLAY OIN THE BALL; he was looking for yet another cjheap shot on a defenseless receiver.�� It�s 3d & 10, and all he has to do is BAT this pass away, and the Ravens are down to a 26-yard Hail Mary attempt.��� Instead, like the complete asshump this guy is, he allows the game winning TD.��� A shit play by a shit FS.��


Keenan Lewis failed to make a PLAY on ball, 3d & 9 floater, snared by Smith, 29 yards.��� Abused on curl, 3d & 10, 3d series.��� 15 yards.����� Beaten late 4Q on out curl, but kept Williams IB on tackle.�����


Cortez Allen saw limited PT.�� Mundyhad good coverage, 3d & 10 on Pitta, incomplete, late 4Q.��


Gay:C-�� Clark:D�� Ike: C+�� ��Pola:B������ All others:�� B-��

Spec teams:���� The KO coverage sucked elephant gonad.�� Shitty KO coverage early 2Q, Suish had to make stop, then fumble caused by Fadden and no Steelers around to recover, Balt recovered.��� Again, shitty KO cover, late 2Q, returned 32 yards.���� Fadden had a good stop on KO cover, late 4Q.��


Nice 13 yard punt return, late 4Q, Brown.Suisham, 36-yard FG, good, tied the game at 3 early 2Q.�� Barely made 30-yard FG, late 2Q.Supposedly the FG unit was late getting on the field, hence the late DOG penalty....although it seemed to me that Kapinos and Suisham were more than ready for the snap.��


Kapinos:�� 1st punt, 41 yds, short return of 3.��� 2nd punt, DOGSHIT, 33 yards, FC at Balt 23.���� Pooch punt, late 4Q, from Balt 34, FC at 8, which was acceptable.�� ����B-���


OC:Arians pissed away the entire 1H with rampant grab-bagism and playground offense� purpose, no planning, no scheming, no sense.�� There was also a wasted TO, mid 2Q on 3d & 10�.took too long, playclock ran down.����


The offense clicked the entire 2H, because, wouldn�t you know it, the O went no-huddle and Arians wasn�t calling the plays unless a timeout or injury occurred.���


��� The late-game playcalling was an absolute fiasco.�� The Stillers took over at 4:30 4Q, on their own 46, which is GOLDEN field position.�� The 1st play was a pass to, of all people, David Johnson, who promptly dropped the pass.We can�t be sure if this was the playcall by Arians coming off a TV timeout, or if Ben checked down to DJ.��


��� Undaunted, the Stillers got a key 1D, and needed really to only obtain 1 more to salt most of the clock away.�� What does Arians call on 1st down at the BAL 34 ??�� A WHALESHIT counter by Redman, which is engulfed by a desperate, evil-may care defense that shot every gap and swarmed Redman for a 3-yard loss.A simply stupid, jack-assed playcall.��� Yes, you want to run the ball.�� Simply PLUNGE it, straight ahead, and let Redman gain 2 yards.�� If you can simply nudge the ball to the 28, it�s a 45 yard FG.�� On 2nd down was a out-dump to Red, for 8 yards.�� On 3d & 5 with 2:37 left, they tried some cutesy lil� out pass to Moore, which was wildly mis-communicated and more wildly off the mark for an inc pass that stopped the clock.�� With the way the OL was blocking and how nimble Ben had been, I have no idea why a rollout -- such as the 1 that salted away the AFC title game vs. the NYJ last season -- was not called.�� Ben might very well have scooted ahead for 3 or 4, and kept the clock RUNNNING, or, as good as he is on the move, he may have hit a short pass for the 1st down.��


���� Let�s not go into the WR screen, which is Arian�s most favorite play of all time.�� If he were permitted, the guy would call this play at least 17 times per game.���C+�� ���


DC:Dick LeBeau, known as THE Supreme Almighty Lord and Deity of Defensive Football, Dick LeBeau, used his oft-favorite �Maginot Line Defense�, and got ROASTED and SCORCHED at the end of EACH HALF, urinating away a MUST-win game with a brainless, softee, pitiful defense.�����


Near the end of the 1st half, Balt took over with only 1:00 remaining, and casually marched 32 yards on 5 plays, with only 1 timeout, and kicked a huge FG as the half ended.Really soft, shameless defense.���


Balt had the ball only ONCE in the 3Q.Of course, they marched 71 yards in 12 plays for a TOUCHDOWN against LeBeau�s vaunted �#1 defense�.


Then, at the end of the game, Balt took over at its own EIGHT yard line with only 2:24 left.��Supposedly �the #1defense in the league�, they got RIDDLED and SHREDDED by Joe �Mr. Average� Flacco.�� Balt actually scored a TD with 20 secs left, but Smith DROPPED the pass.��� But Balt came right back and scorched Dick�s softee defense -- which never applied any REAL PRESSURE on Flacco the entire drive -- for the easy game-winning TD.���NINETY TWO yard, GAME WINNING TD march allowed by THE Supreme Almighty Lord and Deity of Defensive Football, Dick LeBeau.�� Mister Ninety Two, they now call him.


14 (FOURTEEN) 3rd down conversion tonite by Baltimore, who just incessantly picked apart Dick LeBeau like a vulture picking apart a carcass.�� WHERE, praytell, were all the �diabolical schemes� and �clever disguises� and �exotic blitz packages� ?�� WHERE ??�� Of course, Dick did have a clever little wrinkle today, placing Keisel onquick-footed RB Ray Rice.�� On a key 3d & 3 in the 3Q, Rice badly burned Keisel on a lil� out pass, gaining 12 yards and a huge 1D, a drive which culminated in a TD.�� Isn�t Dick just so clever and diabolical ?���


Obviously, Dick learned nothing from the TD pass to TJ Houshmanzadah last season that won the game for the Ravens with only 32 tics remaining..�� It�s a FOUR point game, 3rd & 10, with 14 seconds remaining, and Dick had NO ONE covering the END ZONE.�� What a complete dumbfuk !! ���Let me repeat -- There's 14 seconds left, 3rd & 10. The Ravens are down by FOUR, not 3, and need a TD. Little 4-yard dumpoffs mean NOTHING here. Absolutely NOTHING.

Yet Dick LeBeau, The Supreme Lord of Defensive Coaching, has NO ONE back in the END ZONE. NO ONE. To make matters worse, Polamalu -- the team�s best pure pass defender -- is literally lined up at the 19 (just 7 yards downfield) guarding NOBODY because NOBODY is going to throw a little dink pass with that little time in a 4-point game.

Remember this fiasco the next time someone full of fire and fury starts a babbling post or a preachy gospel with, "Dick LeBeau has forgotten more about defense than most people will ever know." ��Uh, no. At his advanced age, he's simply forgotten more about defense. And forgets more and more each day.


Thru 8 games, this D had only 2 turnovers, lowest ever thru 8 games in NFL history .�� Mister Ninety Two managed to get a rare turnover, making it 3 turnovers in 9 games.How pathetic....just like the coordinator himself.��� F��


HC:So much for all the bravado about �revenge�.��� The Stillers came out listless and were outplayed the entire 1Q.�� They never took it to the Ravens in the early going, and instead were playing catch-up.�� It all began with the coin toss, when the Stillers won but Momlin deferred.�� Hasn�t he seen this defense ravaged enough on opening marches right after the KO ??��� Last week, our offense began the game, then scored and set the tone.�� The last thing you want to start a game, is for this shit-laden, vastly over-rated defense to actually be on the field.Sure enough, they allowed a long, laborious, 14 play, 75 yard march, and came within a whisker of allowing a TD before giving up a short, chippie FG.��


Early 2Q, 4th and half-yard�.Tomlin was gonna go for it, but Balt won the challenge of Ward�s reception.�� This could have been a ruse, however.������


�� The bizarre delay of game penalty before a 47-yard FG at 2:37 4Q in a 4-point game will be discussed for days on end.Coach Momlin took responsibility for the penalty, saying he was late sending in the field-goal team because he was hesitant about whether to let Shaun Suisham try a 46-yard field goal.�� Hesitant ??�� There was a Balt timeout before the 3rd down play.You have like 90 seconds of real-time to discuss and DECIDE what to do if there is a loss, or a no-gain, or a short gain, or even a 1st down.�� Indecision by a head coach is a pure lack of weakness and backbone, and nothing more.


�� Tomlin didn�t fiddle-faddle and debate about the FG because he had no confidence in his FG kicker.He did it because he had zero confidence in his defensive coordinator and defense.�� If he had the slightest bit of confidence in LeBeau and the defense, the FG try is a �freebie, and Tomlin could care less if the FG is no good, because he�d be confident in his defense actually making a STOP against Joe Jacco.�� But after seeing his defense incessantly picked and carved apart all night long, he figured an 85 or 90-yard march would be safer than a 63-yard march against such a softee, over-rated defense.��� Callow and chickenshit indeed, but in some respects, one can see the man�s concern.��


Botched time mis-management has plagued Tomlin his entire career, and tonite was no different.�� C-


Synopsis:��� Hard to sum this one up.�� It had a playoff feel to it, and rightfully so.�� This was a must-win game for the Stillers to win the division and get at least 1 home game.That has now been pissed down the drain, barring a Balt collapse.�� To shit the bed and piss away a 4-point lead -- just like last year�s home loss to Balt -- is just incomprehensible and exasperating.�� Just ghastly.�� You can well envision an egg lay next week at Cinci, with this loss still lurking in their collective minds.�� And be assured, Cinci is going into that game ready to hunt bear and ready take a stab at knocking off the Stillers.��



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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