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Playoff Bets (championship round)

January 18, 2017 by Steel Haven

A bad weekend for me in the divisional round, saved only by Aaron Rodgers.

Hard to believe there are only three football games left until the long, cold (then hot) off season.

home team in bold

NFC Championship

Green Bay Packers (+4.5) over Atlanta Falcons

I'll stay on the Packers bandwagon.

AFC Championship

New England Patriots (-6) over Pittsburgh Steelers

Hopefully I'm wrong about the Steelers for a third straight week. Do not want those @ssholes from New England in the Super Bowl.

Last Week

Seattle Seahawks (+5) over Atlanta Falcons LOSS

Houston Texans (+16) over New England Patriots LOSS

Green Bay Packers (+4.5) over Dallas Cowboys WIN

Kansas City Chiefs (-1.5) over Pittsburgh Steelers LOSS

Playoff Bets: 4-4

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