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Cowhers Wisdom on Porter Knowing WHY

August 10, 2000 by Still Mill

Cowher�s Wisdom on Porter

Cowher�s Wisdom on Porter (Aug. 10th)

Just when you think you�ve heard the last asinine statement uttered by Coach Bill -- at least for a while -- The Cowhead comes thru with another gem. If ya haven�t seen it, you'll like the hilarious quote in the Trib-Revue by Cowher on Joey Porter.

Says Little Billy, "Joey made things happen (last year), but I'm not sure he knew why he was making them happen."

Oh, ok��NOW the truth comes out.

Joey Porter didn't play last year because Mensa Bill didn't think Joey knew WHY he was making things happen. There apparently is an obscure rule in the NFL, called the Lawrence Taylor Rule. Taylor created so much HAVOC in his career, the NFL decided that players would not be allowed to do that anymore, unless they knew WHY they were doing it. The rule is especially applied to OLB's in the 3-4 defense, because they shouldn't be allowed to annihilate opposing QB's or regularly disrupt the offense�s passing game. Hey -- TV advertising revenue demands high scoring.

There are certain positions where ya just don�t give a doggone if the person knows WHY he's doing something -- OLB in a 3-4 is one of those. QB's need to know why. Safeties need to know why. Fire-breathing, head-hunting OLBs do not need an Einsteinium grasp of the "why", so long as they are, in fact, cracking heads and wreaking havoc.

I will probably write a letter to both Cowher & Dan Rooney, urging them to protest to the NFL that Jevon Kearse is violating this rule, and that the NFL suspend him for a minimum of four games. I have looked at video of some Titan games, and have determined that Kearse did not KNOW the requisite answer to the "WHY" question when he was maiming opponents and wreaking havoc.

No doubt, with Rooney having such influence with the NFL rules committee, we should soon see this rule enforced to its fullest extent.

And remember, this is the same genius coaching staff that is considering keeping Lil� Courtney Hawkins in favor of Danny Farmer�

The Still Mill

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