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Power Rankings (week 17)

December 26, 2013 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 2. Denver Broncos 12-3 Manning broke Brady's single season TD record with another week to go.
2. 1. Seattle Seahawks 12-3 Wilson lost at home for the first time in his pro career.
3. 3. San Francisco 49ers 11-4 Clinched at least a wildcard, need Seahawks to lose second straight at home to have a chance to win division.
4. 4. Carolina Panthers 11-4 Clinch the division and a bye with a win in Atlanta.
5. 7. New England Patriots 11-4 Division winners the last 5 years, 10 of the last 11 years.
6. 8. Indianapolis Colts 10-5 Back on track after mid-season hiccup.
7. 9. Cincinnati Bengals 10-5 Another team that dominates at home, struggles on the road.
8. 5. Kansas City Chiefs 11-4 Loss locks them in as the number 5 seed in the AFC.
9. 10. Arizona Cardinals 10-5 Playoff chances on life support even if they win 11 games, needing a win against the Niners and a Saints loss or tie against the Bucs in New Orleans.
10. 6. New Orleans Saints 10-5 Likely will need to win a pair of playoff games on the road before getting to the Big Apple which makes their chances seem slim to nil.
11. 14. Philadelphia Eagles 9-6 Play the Cowboys at home for the division.
12. 16. San Diego Chargers 8-7 Need losses by the Ravens and Dolphins to have a chance.
13. 18. Dallas Cowboys 8-7 Hobbled Romo's 4th down TD with just over a minute remaining saved their season.
14. 11. Baltimore Ravens 8-7 A shell of their former selves.
15. 12. Miami Dolphins 8-7 Only the second team shut out this season, the Giants were the first just the previous week.
16. 13. Chicago Bears 8-7 Control their own destiny despite Sunday night debacle.
17. 19. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-8 Still breathing, need losses by the Ravens, Dolphins and Chargers to have a chance.
18. 20. St. Louis Rams 7-8 Redskins loss was much more important than their own win thanks to RGIII.
19. 15. Green Bay Packers 7-7-1 Return of Rodgers still seems unlikely even with everything on the line against the Bears.
20. 21. New York Jets 7-8 Ryan reportedly believes he will be fired.
21. 23. Buffalo Bills 6-9 Development of Manuel key to the future.
22. 24. Tennessee Titans 6-9 Expected to clean house and start over.
23. 26. New York Giants 6-9 Coughlin deserves credit for getting his team ready to play in Detroit a week after complete offensive collapse against Seattle in Jersey.
24. 17. Detriot Lions 7-8 Lack of discipline has again caused them to unravel, no way Schwartz survives this debacle.
25. 22. Atlanta Falcons 4-11 A lost season.
26. 25. Minnesota Vikings 4-10-1 Debacle at the QB position likely means the end of the Frazier era.
27. 27. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-11 Everything revolves around finding a QB.
28. 28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-11 Could Freeman's struggles in Minnesota save Schiano?
29. 29. Oakland Raiders 4-11 Will Allen be 2 and done?
30. 30. Cleveland Browns 4-11 See Jaguars comment.
31. 31. Washington Redskins 3-12 Garcon broke Monk's single season franchise record for receptions with his 107th catch.
32. 32. Houston Texans 2-13 No idea why they didn't give Yates some reps with Keenum injured, no reason to waste snaps on Schaub any longer.

*Last week's ranking

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