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Stillers Sign FA OLB Northern

June 20, 2000 by Still Mill

Stillers Sign Gabe Northern

Stillers Sign Gabe Northern��������� (June 20th)



According to ESPN's John Clayton, the Stillers have signed Buffalo free agent LB Gabe Northern to a 2-year deal.


Northern appears to be strictly an OLB who is an ok run stuffer and an ok pass rusher.I'd previously done some checking & research on Northern a few months ago, and he appears to be a fairly run-of-the-mill NFL linebacker.��


I can live with this signing.�� First, he gives us some veteran depth.�� Vrabel is too brittle to be counted on for depth, and the youth we have at backup would hardly cut the mustard if an injury hampered a starter.Vrabel, in fact, might very well be looking for his life's work --- presumably as a physical therapist or a hot-tub repairman --- due to this signing.�� Second, Gabe gives the team some veteran insurance, in case Porter flops (unlikely), or if Porter begins to sag a bit under the wear-and-tear of being an everydown player.�� Northern might be adequate enough to spell Porter for a play or two each quarter, thereby giving Porter maximum energy to uses his speed and chasedown skills. ��Some school of thought says that Northern could make the chair-brandishing Gildon expendable, but I see that as being rather unlikely.The staff is far too in love with Gildon for them to trade or cut him, and unless Northern gets a dozen sacks in preseason against quality starters, there's no way Gildon will be supplanted.


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