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Best bet (plus two)

October 19, 2011 by Steel Haven

My first best bet win finally comes in week 6. I was actually worried with the Jets looking so bad in the first quarter before a Darrelle Revis 100 yard interception return for a touchdown turned the game around. The Dolphins seemed to give up and I could breathe easier. My other two picks were closer. The Raiders eked out a 1 point cover despite the loss of Jason Campbell. The Bengals needed a late fumble return for a touchdown to put away the Colts. Let�s hope it�s a signal that my luck has changed.

I'm going back to big favorites this week. I couldn't quite manage to pick all home teams, so I ended up with one road favorite. The Steelers favored by 3.5 points in Arizona tempted me, but I will continue my tradition of not picking their games. I was also tempted to take 2 points with the Tim Tebow led Broncos in a psuedo-home game for him in Miami. More because of how the Dolphins seemed to roll over on Monday night than anything. In the end I couldn't get past the fact that I would be betting on Tebow.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Dallas Cowboys (-13.0) over St. Louis Rams

There is always the risk that Romo will do something stupid which is why I had to think long and hard about making this my best bet. By long and hard I mean 5 minutes while waiting for a data load to do unit testing of a bug fix. Yes, I am a computer programmer. In the end I came to a simple, immutable conclusion. The Rams are awful.


Oakland Raiders (-4.0) over Kansas City Chiefs

The Raiders are all in on the season having traded their first rounder in 2012 and a conditional first rounder in 2013 (that becomes a second rounder if they don't win a playoff game) for Carson Palmer. They don't have a pick until the fifth round next year. Losing this game would be catastrophic even if Kyle Boller plays and Palmer doesn't take the field until after the bye.

Green Bay Packers (-8.0) over Minnesota Vikings

Leslie Frazier's switch to Christian Ponder is the right move. I Can't see it mattering in this matchup.

Last Week

New York Jets (-7.0) over Miami Dolphins WIN

Cincinnati Bengals (-7.0) over Indianapolis Colts WIN

Oakland Raiders (-6.0) over Cleveland Browns WIN

Year to Date: 9-7-2   Best Bets: 1-4-1
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