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Power Rankings (week 15)

December 12, 2012 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 3. Denver Broncos 10-3 Manning just seems to keep getting better the further removed from surgery. Scary.
2. 4. New England Patriots 10-3 Losses are by a combined 4 points.
3. 5. Green Bay Packers 9-4 Can win their division in Chicago.
4. 1. Houston Texans 11-2 Kubiak/Schaub did not belong on the same field as Belichick/Brady.
5. 7. San Francisco 49ers 9-3-1 Consecutive road games in New England and Seattle should tell us where they stand.
6. 2. Atlanta Falcons 11-2 Have to be a little nervous considering past late season/playoff failures.
7. 6. Baltimore Ravens 9-4 Firing Cameron was the type of panic move that rarely works out.
8. 11. Indianapolis Colts 9-4 Wild card all but clinched, division within reach with 2 of their final 3 games against the Texans.
9. 12. New York Giants 8-5 Nothing like facing the Saints defense to make a struggling offense feel good about itself.
10. 13. Seattle Seahawks 8-5 Wilson is the first rookie QB since the AFL/NFL merger to start and win his first 6 home games.
11. 8. Chicago Bears 8-5 Could another late season swoon put Lovie on the hot seat?
12. 14. Washington Redskins 7-6 Need a big week from Cousins against the resurgent Browns with RGIII nursing a sprained LCL.
13. 15. Dallas Cowboys 7-6 Overcame a 9 point deficit in the final 5 minutes.
14. 9. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-6 Continue to play down to bad competition.
15. 10. Cincinnati Bengals 7-6 Done in by a horrendous roughing penalty against Nelson on a third and 21 which got Dallas back in the game.
16. 18. Minnesota Vikings 7-6 Purple Jesus needs an even 400 yards in the final 3 games to notch the seventh 2000 yard rushing season in league history.
17. 19. St. Louis Rams 6-6-1 How does Fisher have them at .500?
18. 23. New York Jets 6-7 Somehow back in the race for a wild card with the Titans, Chargers and Bills left on the schedule.
19. 16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-7 Heartbreaker against the Eagles basically ended their season.
20. 24. Cleveland Browns 5-8 Playing well for Shurmur.
21. 26. San Diego Chargers 5-8 Could Norv conceivably save his job with another late season run? Doubtful.
22. 17. New Orleans Saints 5-8 Stick a fork in them. Better hope Payton returns and doesn't get an offer he can't refuse from the Cowboys or someone else.
23. 20. Detriot Lions 4-9 Losers of 5 in a row travel to Arizona to face losers of 9 in a row.
24. 21. Miami Dolphins 5-8 Need offensive weapons.
25. 22. Buffalo Bills 5-8 How many in Toronto will show up to watch them?
26. 28. Carolina Panthers 4-9 Future buoyed by Newton's late season resurgence.
27. 30. Philadelphia Eagles 4-9 Improved Foles gives them some hope.
28. 25. Tennessee Titans 4-9 Couldn’t take advantage of a botched call on a Luck interception for a TD that wasn't overturned despite replay clearly showing he was down pre-pass.
29. 29. Arizona Cardinals 4-9 Free Fitzgerald!
30. 27. Kansas City Chiefs 2-11 Hit the wall in Cleveland after an emotional week. No surprise.
31. 31. Oakland Raiders 3-10 Trade for Palmer is the gift that keeps on giving (to the Bengals).
32. 32. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-11 GM Smith and Mularkey unlikely to be back with good reason.

*Last week's ranking

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