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Stillers-Packers Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 27, 2017 by Still Mill

Stillers 31, Jackers 28 ……. Nov 26, 2017…………Game # 11


Stillers-Packers Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers hosted the Rodgers-less, Matthews-less Jackers in a primetime tilt.  This should have been an easy win, but of course, with The Great Egg Layer, Mike Asslin, there are no easy wins.   The defense played like ass, but fortunately the offense bailed them out, and Boswell nailed a 53-yard FG as time expired for the win. 




QB:   Threw a shoddy INT, 1Q.    Stellar lob to Bryant for a TD, 2Q.   Then hit AB on the 2-pointer.   A rare, and good, scramble, late 2Q, good for 14.   Finished the 1H 17 of 25, 165, 2 TDs, and 1 INT. 


In the 3Q, allowed a screen pass to get deflected -- after blatantly telegraphing the screen -- and was INTd.   Took a needless 1st down sack in the 4Q, after having EONS of time in the pocket.   Perfect TD strike to AB, 4Q.   On his final pass, I felt Ben should have simply thrown this ball away, as Bell ended up losing TWO key yards to force a 53-yard FG in lieu of a 51-yarder.    All in all, a solid game by Benji.    A



Bell - dropped a shovel pass, late 2Q.   Fumbled in GB territory, early 4Q.   Stupidly kind of fell on the final pass of the game, which lost 2 yards and forced Bos to boot a 53-yard FG.   20 carries for 95 yards, and 11 grabs for 88.   Stellar effort.   A.


Conner - Got a token one play on the AB TD grab, 4Q.  


Touissaint - Thankfully played only 1 play at RB, late 1H.    



Nix - Played only sparingly at FB.  



Brownie – committed a foolish false start, first series.  Stellar RAC on 3rd down, 2Q, good for 39 yards.   Grabbed a 2-pointer a couple plays later.    Dropped a tough pass  on 3rd down, late 1H, to force a punt.   Stellar grab of a high sideline pass, late 3Q.  Then hauled in a TD lob, 2 plays later.  Hauled in a 30-yard TD, 4Q.   Amazing grab on a deep sideline route, late 4Q.   Had 10 grabs for 169 and 2 TDs.    Stellar fuking effort.    A+ 


Bryant - dropped a slant near the 6-yard line, first series.   Completely MISREAD the blocking and the hole on a 3d & goal reverse, first series, in which he was clumsily tripped up and stopped at the 1.   Hauled in a lob for a TD, 2Q.  Stellar pluck of a 3D slant, 3Q, which moved the chains.  Had 4 grabs for 40.    B+


Eli - good grab of a poor, low crosser, first series.  Failed to haul in a seamer, early 2Q.  Good grab on 3d & 6, 4Q.   Had 3 grabs for 21.    B


Heyward-Gay – little PT on O, and no targets.  


JuJu - did not dress, due to a ham.


Hunter -- allowed a tough but catchable TD pass to slip out of his fingers, first drive.



Jesse James - good RAC on 3rd down screen, first series.  Dropped a PERFECT pass while being WIDE open, 1Q.   He redeemed himself a couple plays later with a 17 yard grab on 3rd down.  Had 3 grabs for 32.    B


Grimble - grabbed a 1-yard shovel pass for an early TD. 


McDonald - did not dress due to an ankle. 


OL:  Overall, the line gave Ben plenty of time, and opened some good holes for Bell in the ground game.    A


Villeneueva -  took some dumb-assed swing at Brooks, 2Q, and completely whiffed, which allowed Brooks to stop Bell for a 1 yard gain.  


Gilbert -  FatAss Marcus served the first of his 4 game suspension for drugs.


Hubbard - started at RT.  Failed to maintain his block, early 2Q, and his man was able to loop around and nab Ben on a 3D scramble short of the sticks. 


Foster –  Was fairly invisible, which for him is good. 


Pouncey - Flagged for a holding, on a 2nd down running play in which the defender had ZERO chance to catch the RB, Bell.  


DeCastro – fairly solid game.  



Hargrave - Pretty quiet, and the line was getting GASHED for chunks of yardage by the GB ground game.     B- 


McCullers - Thankfully did not dress. 


Heyward – bullrushed his man and got a 3rd down sack, 3Q.   Got a sack the next series to force a punt.  Was a MANSTER -- half man, half monster.    A+


Tuitt – finally did SOMETHING, dropping a RB for a loss, 4Q.   Otherwise, was as quiet as a farting church mouse.    D 


Alu - good stick on a run stuff, mid 4Q. 


Walton -  Chipped in on a sack, 3Q. 



Vinnie– stuffed a run, first series.  Had only 3 solos.    C+


Shaquier – feebly whiffed on the 54-yard screen pass for a TD, late 1Q.   Busted up a pass, early 4Q.  Got nicked up late in the 4Q, but returned to duty on the last GB drive.   Had 7 solos.     B+


Moats - no PT on D. 


Harrison – despite being healthy, did not dress.


Chickillo - no PT on D. 


Watt - good run stop, late 1Q.  Busted up a crosser, 3Q.   Flashed in from coverage to deliver a lick and get a sack, late 4Q.   B+ 


Dupree – Stupidly looped wide  on a 3rd down pass rush, 6:00 2Q, which allowed Hundley to scamper for a 1D.  Had 3 solos in a quiet effort.   B- 



Mitchell – started despite an injured ankle.  Did NOTHING to help defend the long gainers and TDs.    Feebly whiffed on the long TD pass in the 3Q.   C- 


Gay  -  got tooled on the key 4th & 6, late 4Q.    Very poor.   D 


Haden - out with fibula. 


Burns - committed a jack-assed hands to the face flag on a 3rd down in which the D got a sack.  Then, two plays later, stupidly left his man on the outside, allowing a cake-walk, cake-easy 39-yard scoring pass.   Good wrap of Nelson on a 3rd down grab, early 2Q.  Whiffed on Williams, screen pass, early 3Q.  Feebly whiffed on Nelson on a 0-step hitch, 4Q.    C+ 


Davis - good tackle of screen pass, late 2Q.  However, took a poor angle on the 1Q screen that went a country mile for a TD.   Had 5 solos in a strong effort.     A-


Hilton - snagged a RB for no gain, first series.  Makes3 times more plays than piss-asses like Mike Bitchell.    B+  


Sensabaugh - got the start in place of Haden. Got tooled and abused on a 3d & 3 stop n’ go, for a 55-yard TD in the 3Q.   C- 


Golden - little PT.   


Spec teams:  

Jordan Berry – punted only a few times.  Good pooch punt, early 2Q.  Got off a SHITTY pooch punt, late 4Q, that went all of 28 yards to the GB 18.   C- 


Boswell – missed his first PAT attempt.   Atoned for it by nailing a Heinz Field record-tying, game-winning 53-yard FG.    A+


AB – did little in punt returns. 


Bryant had a good 38 yard KO return on the opening boot, although he stupidly ran OOB well before anyone was preparing to hit him.    Vinnie took a stupid dead-ball personal foul flag after the initial PIT KO. 


OC: Haley finally realized how valuable Bell was in the passing game, after going WEEKS at the start of the season where Bell was getting ONE grab a game.    I thought the gameplan went a bit pass-happy in the 2Q, but overall, good output.  B+



Keith Assler had his weekly luxury, this week facing a greenhorn in Hundley due to Aaron Rogers’ season-ending injury.


Ben took the opening KO and marched the offense for a TD.   Sure as a bear shits in the woods, Assler promptly allows the Jackers to march down the field, and score a TD off a busted coverage to take a 7-6 lead.   Then, not satisfied with that pilo shit, Assler allows ANOTHER TD on the ensuing drive, forcing the team to fall behind, 14-6.


The offense scored its 4th TD to take a 28-21 lead in the 4Q, but sure as shit, Assler allowed the Jackers to immediately MARCH down the field for 76-yard TD march to tie the game.   Assler, the human buttfuker, allowed SIX first downs on the march, to include a 4th & 6 that could have ended the game.    Sure enough, the Jackers then tied the game with a TD, one play later. 


In all, facing abumbling GB team with its backup QB and without its top 2 RBs, Assler got bent over and assraped the entire evening.   Complete dogshit.    F


HC:  Mike Dumblin oversaw a typical shoddy effort, in which an overmatched foe, on the ROAD, kept pace.   Unacceptable.    All of his prattle in the NBC interview that aired pre-game, talking about the Pats, showed his complete lack of focus on THIS game.   That’s his #1 job as a HC -- to have his team ready and focused to win THIS game.   And he failed miserably.    D


Synopsis: At this point of the season, we’ll take the W, as sorry as it was.  It’s alarming, however, to play grabass, at home, against a clearly outmatched foe.  The continual give-up of big plays, which has been going on for weeks, is unacceptable for a veteran defense. This is precisely how home playoff losses occur, and it’s queasy to think how this club could piss away a divisional round home game against a weak-assed foe.  


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close….)

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