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Best Bet (plus two)

November 09, 2011 by Steel Haven

It's official. Paul the octopus picking a labeled box of mussels or Sissy the chicken pecking between labeled bowls of mill worms is better at predicting games than me. Although to be fair neither bets against the spread. The Dolphins clearly have me to thank for ending their winless season. Although falling behind the Dolts in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes is actually a bad thing. The Chiefs have to be pissed I put an end to their four game winning streak and kept them from taking control in the AFC West. I won my other two picks. WooHoo. To be honest at this point I really don't give a crap.

I hate this week's slate of games which doesn't really matter because this season games I really like invariably turn into losses. So let's throw some shit against the wall and see if anything sticks.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Kansas City Chiefs (-3.0) over Denver Broncos

The Chiefs burned me last week, but I have never been one to learn from my mistakes. I'll probably get hit by lightning for picking against St. Tebow.


Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) over Seattle Seahawks

The last road trip after beating the Steelers didn't go well for the Ravens so Harbaugh should be able to get and hold his team�s attention this week. Plus if I am going to jinx anybody it might as well be the Ravens.

St. Louis Rams (+2.5) over Cleveland Browns

This is what it comes to.... Picking a one win team on the road getting less than a field goal. I couldn't ignore injuries to Peyton Hillis and Monterio Hardesty. Both are again out and replacement Chris Ogbonnaya has been absolutely terrible , fumbling twice and averaging 2.71 yards per carry with multiple blown blitz pickups in the last two games. I was also tempted by similarly awful Jacksonville giving 3 points in Indianapolis and one win Miami at home giving 3.5 points to the Redskins. Sadly enough I might have taken the Dolphins if they weren't at home. Now I must go retrieve my brain. It has fallen out of my head and is rolling down the hallway....

Last Week

Kansas City Chiefs (-4.0) over Miami Dolphins LOSS

San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) over Washington Redskins WIN

Atlanta Falcons (-7.0) over Indianapolis Colts WIN

Year to Date: 13-12-2   Best Bets: 2-6-1
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