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Playoff Bets

January 06, 2011 by Steel Haven

I finished with close to a .550 winning percentage which is better than many if not most. A backdoor cover by Ratface and the Sex Cannon kept me from going undefeated in the final week and gloating further. Bastards.

Last year I got hammered on wild card weekend and needed a big comeback to get within a game of .500 before the Super Bowl. Of course I was wrong on the big game and finished on a down note. So take these picks with a grain of salt.

home team in bold


New Orleans Saints (-10) over Seattle Seahawks

Seattle isn�t the easiest place to play. And losing Thomas and Ivory doesn�t help. I honestly can�t see the Saints winning 3 straight road games to make a return trip to the Super Bowl. But the Seahawks suck. Hasselbeck or no Hasselbeck.

Indianapolis Colts (-2.5) over New York Jets

This seems like a bad matchup for the Jets even with all the Colts injuries. The Colts have been playing better against the run on defense. The Jets strength. And Manning is at his best against a defense that can�t get pressure without rushing 6 or 7 defenders. I�m excited that the Colts can win by a FG and still cover. Maybe I am just tired of hearing about the Jets here in Central Jersey.


Baltimore Ravens (-3.0) over Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead is a tough place to play and the Chiefs running game should keep the game close, but I think the Ravens will win. I would have been tempted to go the opposite way if the line here had been more than 3. Alas it isn�t.

Green Bay Packers (+2.5) over Philadelphia Eagles

Opponents seem to be catching up with Vick. I was never a believer anyway.

Last Week

Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.0) over Cleveland Browns WIN

New York Giants (-4.0) over Washington Redskins LOSS

New York Jets (-1.5) over Buffalo Bills WIN

Final regular season: 27-22-2   Final best bets: 9-7-1>11.
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