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"Best" Bet (plus two)

October 24, 2012 by Steel Haven

Hallelujah! A best bet win. Who Dat? Who Dat indeed. I would be remiss not to give special thanks to the referees for throwing a flag on Mike Williams on the final play for being the first to touch the ball when returning to the end zone after being pushed out of bounds. OT would have likely meant a push at best. The Raiders failure to cover against a team which lost their QB and franchise RB to injury after travelling cross county cost me an unthinkable undefeated week. Commitment to Excellence my ass.

Don't worry, I won't get cocky. I went with all road teams this week which is a fool’s errand. The sign of a desperate man. At least the Rams home game in London is closer to Foxboro. If I was betting real money I would have taken the week off. Nothing jumped out at me at all. Which based on recent experience really doesn't matter anyway. I should have taken the year off from picking without betting actual money.

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home team in bold

Best Bet

San Diego Chargers (-2.5) over Cleveland Browns

Betting on AJ Smith, Norv Turner and the battered remnants of Philip Rivers is especially foolish. What can I say? If the Chargers can’t beat the Browns with a lame duck front office and coaching staff then an immediate housecleaning is in order, not that it shouldn’t have happened after last season.


New England Patriots (-7.0) over St. Louis Rams (in London)

The Patriots have to break out of their funk at some point, right. Right?

New Orleans Saints (+6.0) over Denver Broncos

The Saints got me my first best bet win on the road so I will stick with them. Not that I think they will win in Denver in the return of Joe Vitt. The line just seems a little high.

Last Week

New Orleans Saints (-3.0) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers WIN

Dallas Cowboys (-2.0) over Carolina Panthers WIN

Oakland Raiders (-4.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars LOSS

Year to Date: 6-15  Best Bets: 1-6

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