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The Scoop on M. Johnson

December 29, 1999 by Still Mill

The Scoop on Malcolm Johnson

The Scoop on Malcolm Johnson

Says The Sporting News - "...his inability to get a grasp on the team's intricate passing game is holding him back. Johnson, though, has improved his cutting ability out of a break and even showed good separation from defensive backs in his limited appearances. Still, he needs to play more to get comfortable with the offense."

Read this cock & bull over again, if you need to, and then ask yourself, "Do we have a coaching staff full of dumbflocks or what, led by the HEAD dumbflock, Field Goal Bill...?"

Johnson graduated with honors in the Business School at Notre Dame, a top notch university. I cannot confirm this, but a shrewd observer I know told me that Johnson had even skipped one grade during his pre-college education.

This bovine-dropping façade has all the bitter stench of the Earl Holmes fiasco. The Einsteinium staff felt it best for Earl to "sit and observe and learn about the defense", blah blah blah. Permitted to finally dress in week 16 of '96, Holmes nonchalantly led all players with 10 tackles that day in Carolina. This is the same staff that saw it fit to inactivate Pourdanesh week after week so that Piss Conrad could imitate an upright alligator and allow defenders to breeze by him with the speed and momentum of a freight train. This is the same staff that not only kept Andre Coleman on the roster the 1st six weeks of last season, but actually had the man serving at times as our 3rd receiver.

I'm not saying Johnson is anywhere near the football player than Holmes is. However, we've had acute problems with our pee-pod receiving corps. Even Jack Ham spent a good part of his Tuesday Fox commentary ripping the WR corps. Furthermore, we have the shortest group of WRs in the NFL. Remove Stewart and Malcolm from this group, and our entire WR corps is SHORTER, and only marginally heavier/stronger, than NBA point guard John Stockton. It's utterly asinine -- but not surprising -- for Johnson to be denied a chance to show his stuff in a real NFL game.

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