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Power Rankings (week 12)

November 20, 2013 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Seattle Seahawks 10-1 Best start in franchise history. Wilson has yet to lose at home in his career.
2. 2. Denver Broncos 9-1 Manning won for the first time after 4 losses against a team with a 9 or more game winning streak.
3. 4. New Orleans Saints 8-2 Brees is the fourth QB in league history with 350 or more TD passes.
4. 3. Kansas City Chiefs 9-1 Shula, Buoniconti and the '72 Dolphins can pop the corks on their champagne.
5. 5. Carolina Panthers 7-3 Newton took a big step forward in game winning drive over the Patriots.
6 6. New England Patriots 7-3 Paranoia could be justified after late call against the Jets and non-call against the Panthers both led to defeat.
7. 9. Indianapolis Colts 7-3 Comeback victory in Tennessee gives them complete control of their division with a 3 game lead.
8. 10. Cincinnati Bengals 7-4 Have outscored their opposition 157-75 at home.
9. 7. Detriot Lions 6-4 Stafford threw his 100th career TD pass and supplanted Layne as the franchise leader in passing yards. Lost anyway.
10. 8. San Francisco 49ers 6-4 In legitimate danger of missing the playoffs after second straight loss.
11. 11. Arizona Cardinals 6-4 Somehow Arians has them tied with the Niners for second place in the stacked NFC West.
12. 12. Chicago Bears 6-4 Overcame quagmire and weather delays to get the home win they needed.
13. 13. Philadelphia Eagles 6-5 Foles still hasn't thrown an interception, benching him for a healthy Vick after the bye would be tough.
14. 19. New York Giants 4-6 Could they be the first team to make the playoffs after losing their first 6 games?
15. 14. New York Jets 5-5 Once again unable to win 2 in a row.
16. 15. Green Bay Packers 5-5 Hadn't lost 3 straight since the first year Rodgers was the starter.
17. 17. Dallas Cowboys 5-5 Can't afford a loss in Jersey.
18. 23. Miami Dolphins 5-5 Halted 4 game losing streak amidst the off the field turmoil.
19. 24. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-6 Gave up only 72 yards on defense in the second half after giving up 379 in the first half. Not sure why Megatron was single covered in the first half, at least he was blanketed and didn't have a catch in the second half.
20. 16. Baltimore Ravens 4-6 Have already lost to Manuel, Campbell and McCown. Can't afford to add Smith to the list.
21. 21. St. Louis Rams 4-6 Only team with less than 6 wins in their division.
22. 18. San Diego Chargers 4-6 Lost a third straight despite Rivers throwing a TD to Gates for the 59th time, the most from a QB to TE in league history.
23. 20. Cleveland Browns 4-6 Need a QB.
24. 22. Tennessee Titans 4-6 CJ was shut down during second half collapse after gaining 80 yards and scoring a pair of TDs in the first half.
25. 26. Buffalo Bills 4-7 Manuel excelled against Ryan's defense a week after being shut down by LeBeau.
26. 27. Oakland Raiders 4-6 Led to their first road win of the season by undrafted rookie free agent McGloin.
27. 25. Washington Redskins 3-7 RGIII's pick on the final drive was unforgivable and then he made things worse with post-game comments that irritated his teammates.
28. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-8 Can Schiano save his job?
29. 28. Minnesota Vikings 2-8 Freeman might get 2 coaches fired.
30. 29. Atlanta Falcons 2-8 Have fallen hard and fast. Could Smith's job be in jeopardy?
31. 30. Houston Texans 2-8 Mid-game benching of Keenum for Schaub predictably didn't work. Postgame screaming match between Schaub and Johnson only adds to the frustration.
32. 32. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-9 Better hope the QB they take in the first round of the 2014 draft works out better than Gabbert.

*Last week's ranking

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